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New Newcastle Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by huzey, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Warm greetings all :)

    My name is Rhys, I'm 18 years old and I've started to get into riding, I've booked for my L's and im looking at a CBR250RR next weekend. I posted here a while ago, but I had trouble with my family so I was unable to post for a while.

    But it's nice to meet you all, you seem like mature and down to earth people, if anyone lives in Newcastle please let me know!

    Cheers. Rhys.
  2. gday! i remember you huzey. u will have to look out for the rides we have in newcastle.

  3. hey there another newi rider welcome :)
  4. welcome back mate... :grin:
  5. Hey brother, how's it going?

    CBR250's good choice. Hope to see you around some time. If you ever want to go for a cruise, you know where we are...
  6. Wow, thanks for your awesome welcome!

    To all those Newcastle guys, sure It would be awesome to meet up, just leave your MSN or mobile here and I'll holla atcha. (Perhaps you guys could teach me the tricks of the trade around newcastle)

    Take it easy everyone :)
  7. Welcome, and welcome back, Rhys (ah, my Welsh ma-in-law would love to hear that name, boyo)

    We're losing one Newcastle Netrider soon when Typhoon moves camp to Canberra, but there's quite a few of us up there, and I'm sure the folks would love to help you learn.....
  8. Ahh, thanks again hornet, you seem like a really helpful and insightful poster, grats :)
  9. Hey Huzey. Welcome mate. Great to see the numbers In Newy picking up.

    As ZZR said keep an eye out for rides posted.
    I know you just got ya L's so Im sure we could arrange a good ride for ya that won't have you pushing your limits. Just something to stretch ya legs and meet a few of the crew around here.

    Have a quick squizz at this link https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=23282&start=0
    Its not a current ride but it will give you an idea of some of the people from the area that we ride with and you'll know a few names to look out for. Its also got some contact details in there as well I believe.

    We're in the process of trying to put together a regular meet and a regular ride. Its been a little hit and miss. Hard to get everyone together but we have been doing pretty well. Some great rides .

    Also check out http://photobucket.com/ and do a search for "NEWYRIDERS". We have a few pics of our bikes, riders and meets.
    So if you see us on the road you can say g'day.

    You'll also find it worth your while to head into warf road in Newy on the weekend any time from around 11am. There is usually a few bike in there sitting and having a chat. Good bunch of guys who dont mind a chin wag.
    Just swing on in and say Gday. Its part of the whole riding thing.

    Welcome, enjoy and stay upright.

    Buffer, buffer and buffer. its good advice.
  10. Wow thanks for the reply DEN MONKEY. I go for my L's in 3 weeks and *hopefully* get my bike next weekend, so hopefully soon I'll be able to come and ride with everyone :)

    Also, would the whole newcastle gang have some good tips on staying safe? That would be cool :)

  11. Hmm pointers on staying safe.
    While I dont think they send you out on the road on your own when finishing the Ls ready to tackle the road, they do pass on some good advise. So make sure you're listening when they talk for the most part.
    eg headchecks and buffering ..both gold maybe a little overdone but good habbits to start and keep.

    If you're new to bike maybe take a few weeks to ride some quieter back streets before hitting the main roads.
    Get some skills under your belt before mixing it with the traffic.

    You really dont want to be worried about what everyone else is doing around you while you're still trying to master the basics.

    When you first get on and ride around you will notice a few things straight off the bat. First is that even going slow can seem like you're flying and the second is how vulnerable you are.
    Both of these things are good to remember.
    After a while the speed thing will fade but keep it in mind because you ARE going that quick and thats too fast for tarmac surfing.
    As for being vulnerable...well thats never going to change. Every now and then something will pop up to remind you just how much. More than likely it will scare the shit out of you. Its a good thing though. Bit of a wake up call.

    Best thing to keep in mind though is better safe than sorry. You may get replies that sound like theyre preaching to you. 9/10 times though their motivation is for your saftey and with your best interest in mind.
    Listen, read and make your own decisions, because only you will know when you're ready and what feels right/wrong.

    Good luck and let us know how you go.
  12. Welcome back Rhys. Glad you decided to be back. :)
  13. Awesome, rang up RTA and I've got my license on this thursday - friday.

    One problem though, the cibby I was looking at has been sold, so im looking for a CBR250RR preferably around Newcastle. I'll go to sydney if the bike is perfect however. So if anyone knows people who know people, please let me know :)

    Thanks~ hope to see you all soon!
  14. Welcome Huzey. This possibly makes you the 54th "Huzey" I've known in my lifetime. Keep watching the forum as we are getting quite a good core group of riders here in Newy and we're quite active, and will definitely be more so in spring and summer. Feel free to join in anytime.
    Safety tips? - take your wet weather gear on any ride involving Tim250 and Den Monkey!
  15. Why is it that everyone in Newcastle needs to add uey on the end?

    Aah the wharf with a ginger beer on a sunny day is there any better spot?

    Welcome mate :grin:
  16. Gooday huzey
    Are yOU confused yet? I FKN am.
  17. Thanks for the kind welcome all, I've got my L's booked for next Thursday - Friday. I'm hopefully going to get my mits on a CBR250RR from a guy in Stockton, but if anyone else knows any for sale, (or ZXR250's) let me know!

    Can't wait to go riding