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New Newcastle Female Learner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KOR574, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Stoked I just got my L's!!:couchpotato: new to road riding, grew up bush riding thumpsters. Keen as to get out on the open road and make some bike buddies. Looking for a daily commuter like the CBR250's but open to suggestion also having trouble finding gear that fits around here as I'm a small built female. Cheers in advance nice to be welcomed aboard!

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  2. G'day and welcome, KOR574KOR574. Congratulations for getting your Ls, your previous riding experience will serve you well.There's quite a large Newcastle contingent here, and plenty of new riders.
  3. Welcome from another newbie KOR574! Congrats on getting your L's.
  4. Thanks guys this site is a goldmine of advice and awesome people!
  5. Welcome KOR574KOR574 as XJ6N said their is a growing contingent of Novocastrians on the forum. There are a few threads discussing women's riding gear and the problems faced. Do some searching and have a word with some of the other women on the forum.

    Lowering the bike if you are of smaller stature is another subject that there are a few threads discussing.
  6. Welcome KOR574KOR574
    Be careful of predators and older guys with an ulterior motive on here and you should be fine.

    Anyway, enough of that - what you up to this weekend?
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  7. Hi Lionz nice to meet you, thanks for the heads up but I'm all to use to the motives of the male species on meeting a female with untypical female interests. I got this 8-|
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  8. Good on ya!

    So, what we up to this weekend?
  9. Is Mrs Lionz out of town this weekend?
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  10. oooops, busted.

    Cheers fin ;)
  11. Tee hee

    Hey, it's been a while since the last spin.
    Time for another reunion with the usual suspects, methinks
  12. I agree.
    I'm actually off for a ride tomorrow with lozza on his new MT09 that he's stuck a new suspension on - probably head towards Old Pac and PITS for a few runs and check it out. Maybe venture to the slab but guessing it'll be pretty damp and mossy that end, so may just do a tourist run and back to PITS
  13. Hey hey,

    From female learner to another, Honda's are a great way to go, I have a cbr250r and its a little beast! Also gear wise, I have a full set of leathers in a small, which are a good tight fit, I am 55kg, 160cm; so if you're keen on gear that fits nicely and has the best protection, a full set of leathers are the way to go.

    If you have any more questions whatsoever just let me know.
  14. Welcome to NR..
  15. Welcome to the forum!
  16. Welcome to NR from another shorty! It was hard work finding gear that fits and a bike but worth it as it makes a difference to comfort and confidence. I have a VTR250 which is slightly lowered. I've also had to alter some of my gear. Be persistent and you'll find the odd gem or two in the stores. Still haven't found a good textile jacket though!
  17. Thanks Jess exactly the bike I've been looking at and I'm 56kg, 160cm they do still make em like me! lol where did you get your gear from and what have you found that fits well so far all I could fit into was the classic dragging jeans
  18. Haha, it's a beauty of a bike, light and maneuverable. I bought mine secondhand as I wanted a full leather set, without paying the price tag. What I would suggest is going in to your local bike superstore and trying on some leathers, they are the most protective, best fitting, and usually come with armour installed for that extra bit of piece of mind.
    Ride for the slide.
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    Thanks Shorty :) they don't accommodate well for us but i'll keep up the hunt. As were in winter at the moment whats the best gear to be looking for I have been trying to get all seasons but jackets fit well until I take liners out, is there a need for winter/ summer whats wrong with leathers all year round? whats your experience here?

    I've been into a lot of bike shops around home but a trip to MBA in Sydney seems to be the way to go. Second hand as off gumtree / ebay?
  20. Yeah I trawled Gumtree for ages, finding women's gear that was barely used, for a fraction of the price. A lot of women either barely use their gear, or think they will, and more often than not get the wrong size for themselves.