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New Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jellikit, May 15, 2008.

  1. So,

    I thought I'd sign up to netrider. Two people have told me to, the guy who sold me some basic gear and guy at work who browses all day.

    So, I've never ridden before - just starting now. Had my permit for about a week now, had all my gear for a bout a day. Time to go tyre kickin!

    So, basic info - shift working, getting a bike to commute. My brother is the sports rider of the family, I'm just here to get to work.

    So, I joined netrider just to keep up with some goss, perhaps start some argu ^H^H^H^H discussions in general and basically glean some information off others.

    Anyway, that's me.
  2. Welcome dude.

    Richmond Melbourne?
  3. Yeah, sunny Richmond.

    Perhaps I should update that.
  4. Welcome !
  5. So?? Who's the guy "who browses all day"???? C'mon, out with it :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider :)
  6. hey and welcome
  7. GOOOOOOOOOO commuters!!!

    *ahem* 8-[ ...welcome :)
  8. Welcome and good luck kicking tyres. Hope you come upo with something soon.
  9. Well, I did come up with something

    Got me a 1999 VTR250.

    Not sure the guys handle who browses all day, and I'm not really willing to post his name (you know, that's kinda rude)

    Just learning the ropes at the moment on the bike, I've already come off it once... unsteady throttle scratches the muffler. But that was just stupidity on my part.

    Starting to build up a little more confidence and a little less stalling.
  10. yeah we all start out as commuters:LOL: but like 99.9% of us am sure we will see you on the next group ride
  11. Not sure about that, been on many a internet forum / group. I think I've been to (by accident) one meeting.
  12. Dude, I just noticed that 129 of your posts (total 243, 53%) are hello's.