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new Netrider from Sydney.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shiner, May 3, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I haven't been on a forum for years so I thought it was time to sign back up.

    I've been riding for the last decade or so but haven't had a scoot for nearly 20 months. Needless to say you can imagine how much I was pining to get back in the seat.

    Due to work I have ended up in Sydney and decided to drop a small amount of spare cash on a bike, with a limited budget of $5K I thought back on what I learnt when I was a teenager on my L-plates, hearing about how the SV650 was a brilliant all-round midsize bike, so I bought one.

    After shopping around I found a very clean '01 model with 36 000 on the clock, all the modifications I wanted and registered for the tidy sum of $3900. I've done a few things to her already but I will elaborate after 4 posts (to post images) in an appropriate section.

    But for the time being, hi!

  2. Oh and I should add a bike history I guess.

    Roughly in order from when I was 17;
    -GPX250 x 3
    -ZZR250 x 2
    -GSX250 x 4 (urgh the carbies)
    -Suzuki across 250
    -GS500 x 2
    -RGV250 pepsi
    -GR650 'tempter'
    -Hyosung GT650R carby x 3 (first 2 replaced under warranty)
    -Hyosung GT650R EFI (sold quickly but not bad)
    -Kawasaki ZZR1400/GTR1400 concourse
    -SV650s (current ride)

    Project bikes in the past;
    -Honda 250 clubman.
    -Kawasaki Balius 250

    Yes it is a lot of bikes, but I loved them all. I was blessed in the past that I had the expendable cash to own up to 4 bikes at once while living with parents, but unfortunately the real word caught up and I'm back to one (plus a project soon if possible).
  3. Welcome mate
  4. Gee, if yuu if have some spare cash let me know.

    SV650, good ride. Welcome back
  5. Welcome to the forum, looks like you'll have a bit of wisdom to share. Was the Honda 250 clubman the 'gb'?

    Nice list of bikes, anyway.
  6. Welcome

    Yeah nice lust of bikes.

    Haha I saw ^^^ that typo but thought it fitted so left it ;)
  7. Thanks guys and yeah it was more lust than list half the time haha. And yes the clubman was a GB250, but never really had it running right. I'm terrible at fixing carbies.