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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lukester, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Hi guys and girls,

    New to Netrider but apparently rode with some of you on Saturday 19th from BP to Mt Lofty then to Loby and the gorge.

    Hope to do it again soon! :)
  2. Hey dude. I was the git on the Superduke.

    I don't normally use netrider during the day, as I don't have net
    access at work. I'm off sick at the moment. Had my wisdom teeth
    removed last Monday.

  3. Well, Welcome to Netrider's electronic (and some might say, busiest) version! Lots of things to see and do here, and some of it even makes sense. And, as you've found out, a lively SA riding community too
    Enjoy :grin:
  4. I thought that was you, was reading your post about getting fined on the weekend. Spewin!

    Good luck with the wisdom teeth, had mine out a few years back and still remember the pain!
  5. hi mate and welcome. hope this forum is useful for you as it is for me.

    i remember a black zzr250 on that cruise that was in front of me up gorge. i cant remember how many zzr there were but if that was you in front of me then i think i know who you are. btw i was the one with the green zx2r.
  6. Yes a big welcome from a fellow SA Netrider. May you enjoy your stay and if you would like meet us at coffee nights on Wednesday at 7.30, Scoozies Cafe Rundle Street, just by East Terrace.

    Even if you don't like coffee it is still a good spot to meet some of the group and talk/plan rides at the same time.

    Enjoy yourself, we are all here for a bit of fun and have a social group broader than most.
  7. I'm pretty sure I was the only one with a zzr on the weekend, and yer I think I can remember the zx2r. Also yer I'm into coffee so I'll have to make my way into the city some time to meet some more peeps.

    I've also been a member over at Overclockers for a while so might know some of you from there.

    Thanks for the welcoming :)