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New name new life

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by BearKat, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Greetings all, old member from old life, new name new life.

    my partner & i are wanting to get back into motorcycling.
    we have lost of questions.

    we are from the hunter valley.

    bear & kat

  2. Hello then and welcome to your new life. I'm sorry to hear you are lost of questions :)
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  3. thanks,been a long day.

    lots of questions. lolololololololololo
  4. Welcome to NR..
  5. Welcome! I too am from the Hunter, and many other places

    Are you planning on getting two bikes, or riding with your partner as passenger?
  6. Just 1.
    We're discussing the the pro & cons of cruiser v touring v adventure tourer.
    Most of all the main concern is comfort.
    I like v Strom & the like. Kat likes the look of the cruiser.
    If we were to go on a trip, say the great ocean road. Which is going to be more comfortable.
  7. Don't go cruiser: here's why. For fuel and comfort reasons, you can ride a lot longer between stops with a V-Strom than you can with a cruiser.
  8. Cruisers don't do corners.
  9. Or you can buy the V Strom and let she who must be obeyed get a cruiser. I just took delivery of a Tiger 800 ABS and the missus is sorting a Harley.

    I've promised to wait at fuel stops for her.
  10. hi all, went into town today to have a captain cook, with the partner. looked at a few,the partner likes the cruiser.
    we sat on a Yamaha xvs 1300a. ride away @$18.990.
    showed her all different types of bikes, she feels that for my size, that i would suit a cruiser,rather than a sports tourer.
    although iam not a H D fan. 2008 heritage softail felt the nicest to sit on.

    someone sent me a message thru tap-talk, it fairly long, sai to self read that later, know i cannot find it