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new naked wanted,help?650-1000cc

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by twuckie, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. the mrs said yes,the bank said yes,which one do I choose?
    hi all I have been away from the bike seen for 4 yrs and need to sratch the itch I've had for the last 12 mths.having sold my cb1 8 yrs ago to buy the wife her dream home there has been something missing in my life.had a spell on a xj600 commuting after that but hated riding it.
    so here goes- $11.000 ride away is my budget (max).test road z750 at the weekend,good but kept looking at the daddy the z1000.like the 900 hornet but not found on to ride yet.would like to here your views.
    I will be commuting and dreaming of that sunday ride.

  2. G'Day Twuckie,
    Well, mate I gots me an XJR 1300sp and love it. U see i just love the old Kwakas (I still have one) but its getting a bit old and tired and needs restoring, so the XJR was the closest thing. Plenty of grunt standard (without having to wring it's neck). This means u can play-up something chronic and mostly go un-noticed. They go, stop and turn corners. While this sounds simplistic, not many bikes can actually do all these marvelous things. Who said Harley-Davidson?? Have a look on the net and read a few reports, I haven't found any nasties yet. All I can suggest is to take one for a ride, u will get one for that money second hand. Then again i here the Suzi Bandits are also pretty hot.

    HOWEVER, I do wish to take a SV1000 for a spin coz they look pretty hot and sound great.

    Good luck and let us know how u got on.

    Regards, Rob
  3. The z1000 is worth the extra money :D
  4. Right on the ride-away money for the 900 Hornet, isn't it? Expect Loz along sometime soon to extoll its virtues; mine's only a littlie.....
  5. Do yourself a favour and get a 900 Hornet... :grin:
  6. sv1000? firestorm? maybe a little dear but theyre worth it! :)
  7. The Hornet's a little f*cking beauty ;)

    Test ride it, as well as the Z1000 and FZ1 - and then go with the Hornet because you know it'll last a million years and hold its value.
  8. thanks for your views so far,keep them coming
  9. Second hand z1000 is good value if you can get one for under 10k....

    have you thought about the cagive raptor 1000?

    I've heard mixed reviews (mainly bad points about the non adjustable front suspension and slightly crap build quality), but they look like good bang for your buck- sound awesome too.

    I'll be checking out both of these bikes when the time comes to upgrade :grin:
  10. For the money you're wanting to spend, the Hornet 900 seems to be the logical bike.
    Great user friendliness, easy parts, Honda reliability, Honda resale values AND a squillion and one aftermarket parts to give it even more hooner street cred. :twisted:
    Good luck with the purchace.....
    Daz. :wink:
  11. hornets in brissy are $11.990 ride away for 08/05 plate bikes.do you think $11.000 with ventura rack,ride away is a stretch to ask
  12. It's worth a try.
    The worst they will say is "no."
    They are already discounted, so try for $11500 with a rack if that fails.
    Keep us posted on how you go.
    Daz. :wink:
  13. thanks daz will do
  14. Oh!
    Just a thought, twuckie..... :idea:
    Get them to include the genuine Honda crash knobs!
    Retail for around 150 odd $.
    Worth their weight in gold, IMHO.
  15. Twuckie, can't really suggest a bike, since i don't really have any experience in the sort of bike you'd probably be interested in, however, it might be worth checking out the Import Motorcycle Centre at Slacks Creek (http://www.importmc.com.au/) - Terry, the owner, and his staff, are a very honest and moral bunch.

    They also stock a lot of Yamaha V-Max's, which may or may not be of interest to you.

  16. Offer at least 2k under the total value and start from there - this means they know you have the cash and are ready to buy ALL they have to do is find the lowest acceptable price - from a sales point of view, all the hard is done for them - stick to your guns and leave the yard if they dont come to the party, leave your details, bet you $1 you will get a call inside of 24 hours.

    Dont be shy and always start out strong/assertive, they dont wanna see sales slip away...
  17. The yamaha XVS series are a great bike. Take 2 people no problems as much power as you could need and comfortable as.
  18. Dealers REALLY don't make that much money on already discounted bikes.
    If you offered them $2k less, I'd bet they would laugh at you and show you the 3 year old Hornet.
    <No offence, Jimmy!>
  19. I havent bought a bike from a dealer before, but we apply this strategy to cars - used to do a lot of buyng and selling of cars.

    My point was be as agressive as you can be, without being laughed off as not serious.
  20. all the advice has been taken onboard,I will be doing the rounds of the bike shops on saturday.trying a few models out.there is a 2000klm cb900 which I will also be checking out also(private sale).basically it is a toss up for newish
    z1000,a new z750 or new or newish cb900 hornet so far,keep your views comming and thanks.....