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New Naked Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nodz, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Was just browsing through the latest edition of AMCN and some of the naked bikes that are being shown, both those available and concept drawings of bike that may become available are hot!!!
    The new naked Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (yet to get an official number designation), man do I have to get me one of those, it looks very similar to the naked CB1300 in the red and white livery but much more sexy.
    Then there's a concept drawing of the R1 naked, to be designated the FZ1 or Fazer 1000 in Europe, also supposed to come in bikini fairing style with full spec'd R1 engine. Oooohhhh, aaaahhhh what beautiful lines.
    There's also the new MV Agusta Brutale 910. They've taken the 750cc and made it 909cc generating 136hp while being 2.6kg lighter and only $1000 more that the 750. Expected to hit the shores here in October/November.

  2. Its the agony of choice. :LOL:
  3. All of those bikes would be a bit of a step up from your CB250!!!
    Reckon you are ready for it!!!!! :wink: :wink:
  4. No, not ready, just saying that I like the naked bikes. Got to find me a nice detuned naked 600, do Honda do a CBR600RR naked and detuned....:LOL:
  5. Or Nodz, you could have that all now, keep your eyes open for a used CB600F Hornet!!! Honda stopped bringing the model into Aus, I believe, in 2000, but there's still some good ones around. 600RR engine, slightly de-tuned, but still 96 horsies, 176kg dry weight, 600RR front brakes, and universally praised by road testers at the time.

    Having said all of that I GOTTA GET one of the new Honda 1000 nakeds, as per the cover of AMCN, geez, you'd buy it just for its looks, wouldn't you???
  6. If the new 1000 is a bit much and you can't find a 600 new then they are selling the current 919 hornets for $10,990 ride away in a number of honda dealers (those that have stock basically).

    That's _bloody_ cheap, and whilst the motor is slightly detuned it still makes over 100ps (and is easily bumped later to about 120 if you want later).
  7. You're right, ZRX, in fact there's an advert for this deal a few pages over from the feature about the new naked 1000 in AMCN. (.......thinks, 400cc more in about the same sized bike, wonder if the little lady would notice the difference, specially if I got a blue one?.......)
  8. I vote the 900 too. It's got the lot IMHO. If I was in the market, that's what I'd get.
  9. Had a look while i was at the newsagent . Although im not a fan of naked bikes they did catch my eye .
  10. You pet your bottom dollar...poseur?...What me?...No!...Oh alright then just a little...:LOL:
  11. Haven't seen the mag, but I do like nekid bikes.

    The 05 Speed Triple, or the awesome MT01 are the go for me, But I also like the Trumpy Bonnevilles, esp the Thruxton.

    But I can't afford it.... :(
  12. Nodz, mate, you're 33 (according to your profile). Life is to short for 'preparation' Get the bike you want, not the bike reason dictates.

    Look forward to seeing you at worship.
  13. Yep, gotta agree.
    Life's too short to ride 250's!!
  14. FZ1 or Fazer 1000 have been around for some years, no? Maybe this is just a makeover.
  15. Yep, I was wondering what the fuss was too. The Faser has been around for quite a while. I guess they are just fussing cos it looks like a fairly substantial re-design, but...
  16. FZ1 has been around for ages.. and they stopped making the Fazer for a bit.. it's had a substantial makeover to pretty it all up. My workmate has an older black half faired FZ6S and now they have the FZ6 with nada on it, I think to contend with the SVS/SV market.

    I really want to take a new Z750 out for a spin..anyone had a ride of one?
  17. Not the z750 but took a mates naked z1000 for a spin . Woohhoooo , what a machine , loved it but for that bloody kwaka green .
  18. Kawa's can be spray painted! :D
    Colors of the newer ones were blue, black and red.. all very sexy looking I might add.. no Kawa green :shock: :)
  19. Didnt say it was new.
  20. Okay!
    Just mentioning the colors of the new ones, cos that's what I said I was looking at :wink: :D