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New Mystery Victory Musclebike Incoming

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Wayned, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. According to a teaser video -

    Kind of a Multimedia post at this point, but the clip says 20th January, so more about this is should surface pretty soon.

    From what little can be made out in the clip, there seems to be some hints that it might be anything from a bigger-bore take on the 1200 Harley-engined Buells, a dragstrip inpired (or not) power cruiser maybe even a little along the lines of the Ducati Diavel, an American take on the Yamaha MT-01, Triumph Speed Triple, Moto Guzzi Griso, or something else again, but it does seem to be a step away from their cruiser line.

    I hope it's something that encompasses various elements of all the above, but with a good naked bike ride position, good handling and plenty of shove (maybe not unlike an MT-01 with 20-30% more horsepower straight out of the crate).

    Since Suzuki didn't end up making an MT-01 style of sporty naked using the engine from the M109 (which would have got my attention real quick), this could find a similar niche which is sort of overlapped but not quite fully occupied by other bikes on the market, with the possible exception of the Diavel, and even then, the styling of this seems to have a fair chance of appealing quite a bit differently to the market.

    Almost pure speculation on most counts, of course, and more than a bit of wishful thinking, but that's half the fun.

    I just sort of hope that it'll be a great bike that appears almost as if from nowhere, given the notable lack of pre-release hype, and blows everyone's socks off. It does seem to hint at a shift away from the cavalcade of cruiser models, something which in itself could make it a very signifigant model for Victory - a sorted and notably more muscular take on the Buell XB12 series would have a lot of allure, not to mention being a kick in the pants to Harley-Davidson for killing off the Buell factory. Maybe they'll present one to Erik Buell as a gift...
  2. Diavel competitor maybe?
  3. Looking forward to this although their last 'new' bike was a little dissapointing.

    Hopefully it has a different name which doesn't suggest any of; big, black, hard, balls, like their previous models.
  4. The Hardball was little more than a styling change to an existing model.

    Looking at the scant glimpses, like around the tank and front wheel, there seem to be bigger changes.

    Well, hopefully.
  5. Noticed only one brake rotor on the front...
  6. Not a huge departure from their other cruiser models, but a notable shift.

    The look goes a bit clunky with the low rider's seat and the way it wraps around the oval sections beneath. I think were that section higher and without the jaggies, it would flow into the rear part better, but it looks decent enough and somewhat distinct from the rest of the Victory line.

    The narrow rear wheel and 16" at both ends is interesting, and probably signifigant in what it could mean in terms of handling, as does the moderate rake of the forks. The single 300mm front disk is matched by the rear, which very likely handles a good portion of the braking duties in the cruiser manner.

    Along with decent ground clearance and suspension travel, plus a more standard naked bike ride position, these are good cues for a pretty respectable handler and ergos that might appeal to riders who don't fancy the more usual cruiser layout. A 17 litre tank is probably handy enough too, assuming the respectable fuel economy of some of the other models is on offer.

    Looks like it could be a good thing for someone not quite keen enough on the usual cruiser offerings while also still appealing to a fair few more who are. Those pipes might offer some extra encouragement for a swap .

    Specs and pics -

  7. It's quite pretty actually, but USD$14k will probably at least double for our shitty island market
  8. F#cking hell. What's wrong with 17 inch wheels? You know, the ones that the rest of the worlds motorcycles use. The size that have multiple choices in sticky rubber. Is it just me, or does the front tyre look wider than the back? Tried to like it, but a fail I think. Just my opinion mind you.
  9. Those tyres have fairly big sidewalls, I doubt you'd be able to go whack on some Diablo Corsas even if they were in 17...
  10. Which makes it even more ludicrous. If they were 17 inch, they wouldn't require such tall sidewalls. Which helps with handling. Which is what they are supposedly aiming for. I can understand them keeping the rear narrower than the norm on cruisers to aid cornering, but come on -3 1/2 inch rim on the rear. Single cylinder 'Tards run 4 1/4 - 4 1/2, and they certainly aren't noted as slow turning.
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    This thing has monster torque. Shame about that rear wheel