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New MV Agusta 675 F3

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by elcamino, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Cant wait for the new Agusta 675 F3 to get here! Does anyone have any details on pricing?

  2. i like big time ithink it will be released sometime next year hopefuly around the same price of the daytona
  3. they'll want two grand extra just because it's got a single-sided swingarm....
  4. more than likely but if i had the money i would pay it
  5. I think I probably would too; the idea of arriving at your destination before you left home has always appealed to me :LOL:
  6. claimed 145hp daytona 125hp but will probs detune for production run
  7. The blingers are going to struggle to surpass the exhausts! Very pretty bike!
  8. I'm ok with that.

    Just need to work out a fair market price for my first born...
  9. from http://www.cycletorque.com.au/New-chapter-for-MV-Agusta-in-Australia/

    The much anticipated 675cc F3 is looking at a release date in Europe of September or October this year which should see it hit Australian show room floors this time next year.

    As such, I don't think we'll see any pricing until next year..

    However from the same article

    The F4 1000 is now available for $25,800 ride away while the Brutale 1090 RR comes in at $20,800. The outgoing Brutale 1078 RR is currently $17,800.

    Is it time for a F4, I think maybe :)
  10. Yeah, that triple exhaust treatment is amazing. :)
  11. it currently makes about 133hp at the engine and they say they want to up it to mayeb 140 but i highly doubt that, and id assume they will actually lower it!
    it should coasts around 18-20 thousand in aus...
    it is apparently a tiny bike yet comfortable compared to an 848 say.
  12. found this photoshopper over at asphalt & rubber...
  13. From the stuff I've read they reckon about $2k more than a daytona. They know they are a premium brand, and can charge that bit extra over their only real competition.

    But yeah, naked version... mmmmmm
  14. Wish I was small enough to fit on that bike! Mmmmmm :)
  15. The first pic is sex
  16. I'm a naked man myself, but this is one sportsbike I'd actually prefer to keep the fairings on. Gorgeous bike. If I can afford one I'll probably swap the Aprilia for it - I'm too much of a sucker for a pretty face :p
  17. That bike is absolutely beautiful.
    Think I might suss things out closer to the release date here in Oz as I would definitely consider adding one to the stable :)
  18. Ahhh, this must be an attempt at the baby Brutale they have been threatening to release, as I recall rumours were it would be a 675 triple, probably a differently tuned version of the f3 engine...
  19. i think the F3 officially has the sexiest swingarm ever made!!!
  20. There's a couple of serie oro F3s currently advertised on bikesales for $33,800 :eek: