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New music for your helmet! Awesome...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by iahawk, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. hey guys just thought i'd give this thing a plug hahahaha. nah in all seriousness this looks awesome. turns your whole helmet into a flat panel speaker. As if there weren't enough distractions on the road already!!!

  2. Not a lot of info there. Think there was more technical info in your post above.
  3. i just noticed that the website has changed since i last viewed it! well the quake will be the one for the helmet a magnetic mount attaches to the back of your helmet and the tunebug attaches to this mount. From memory the quake is wireless so it can be connected to bluetooth phones but also has an input jack so you can plug it directly into an mp3 player. their is also an option for a wireless mic so you can chat on phone whilst riding if need be (not my cup of tea). Price will be between 80-90USD apparently. i think this is a good price seeing though their is nothing of its kind on the market. Apparently the company made and patented the technology that was used in the birthday/xmas cards that when you opened them it played a tune.
  4. motorola was playing with this stuff over a decade ago. The original plan was to put it into a mobile phone iirc. So not new, I think the sound quality was not up to the spec that Motorola where hoping for(add in size and weight etc), maybe this mob has solved that problem.
  5. Meh, if you look at the pic on the box in their store that thing looks pretty thick (5 times thickness of a mobile phone?) - don't think I'll bother.
  6. there's a good reason speakers are not shaped like motorbike helmets and made of fibreglass... I think you'd get better sound quality out of a piece of string with a paper cup at each end. Although I'm happy to be corrected.
  7. We were too poor to afford paper cups, but back in my day the piece of string with the tin can on the end was state of the art.
  8. when they release the quake i will purchase one and review it for everyone :)
  9. What about people who don't have the internet? I call BS.
  10. Don't know about sticking one of those things to a helmet, but imagion the fun you could have sticking one your bike's fairing and filling your MP3 with sound effects and such :D

    *CBR blasting down the highway booming the Beny Hill theme*

    That's assumeing the things work...
  11. I think you're right, fibreglass and composites are generally known for killing
    vibrations rather than transmitting them. Not what you need for a
    surface speaker. Here's a review from the New York Times...

  12. Haha now that would be friggen epic to see

    I have once seen a bike going down the highway with one of those "ipod dock" speaker things in his dash.. blasting the music so loudly that everyone driving within 20m coulda heard it :p
    Personally I think he's a champion, but if some oldies were sitting beside him with death metal blasting through their window I doubt they'd be as impressed


    With regards to this, I reckon that no matter what surface its on, it will always be localised to the point where its attached.
    A perfectly flat surface designed to transmit sound may spread the sound more, but I guarantee it will still be stronger at the point the device is attached
  13. Heard of this being used as a window-mounted device, apparently worked fairly well. I'd be interested in that kinda thing, but probably go some decent headphones before I tried the helmet based item.

    - boingk
  14. For added effect, chase a hot chick squiding on a scooter around while doing so :D

    This I don't get. 99% of cages have freaking surround sound systems these days, yet you see people driving around with Ipods and now these things? Why?
  15. use on a helmet... um...

    Ever pushed your hand hard against a speaker that is playing music (in particular a 2-3 inch computer piece of crap - which these will sound exactly like) and heard the resulting sound quality? now imagine the same speaker (now the size of a helmet so much more surface area) being help up to 100 kmh winds.

    You really think its going to sound good?

    Also, as helmets are rigid, they would not be able to vibrate in and out - which would be necessary for sound production
  16. Imagine if you turned up the bass..

    Goodbye vision :p