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New MT07

Discussion in 'Naked' at netrider.net.au started by Alex Harrison, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Thought i would say hello and show you all my new MT07.

    Its a 2015 ABS model, I've only had it since Saturday so it's still on run in period but boy is it a wicked bike. So comfy, easy to ride, decent power and in my opinion a good looker.

    Hopefully when i take it to get the first 1000km service i can get the Titanium Akro pipe fitted :)

    This is the day i got it:


    Even though iv'e only had it for 180kms i already got sick of the ugly rear end. Mustard Bikes tail tidy!





    Now just need to get rid of the 'L' plate!!

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  2. That's great! Getting mine in around a week, the wait is torturous. Hmm, that tail tidy looks good, I must google. 'Good looker'? Hell yeah, I love the look.

    So are you a raw learner like me? What was it like to first ride and get used to? Tell me, tell me!
  3. It's certainly a great looking bike. I like the matt/satin grey.
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  4. Did you just throw in a topical Donald Trump gag?
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  5. Nice work on the tail tidy. Now the do it yourself modifications can of worms is open!
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  6. Mt07 great bike..picked mine up a few weeks ago from Yamaha world .got the yellow. Catch you on their monthly rides.
  7. I know that feel! it was about three/four days from paying for mine until i got my hands on it! well worth the wait though. I bought the tail tidy off of eBay the sellers name was Mustard Bikes (or something along those lines), you'll be able to find his page on Facebook. I would 100% recommend that product.

    Im not a 'raw' learner as this isn't my first bike. I started on a '92 CBR250RR. But i still very much consider myself a learner. When i took it for the first ride i was pretty surprised by the torque, but it's manageable. if like me you've bought it brand new which it sounds like you have then you'll have to take it easy for the first 1000kms anyway. Which will give you plenty of time to get used to the bike. Is this your first road bike?

    Yeah it's my favourite. I had the choice of all the colours at the dealer. I wasn't too keen on the yellow or the white. For me it was a hard choice between the matte grey or the deep armour (purple), i figured for resale-ability i better just go with the matte grey.

    After a quick google i get it... no Donald Trump pun intended. ;)

    Sure are, was a bit scary messing around with the bike especially because its so new! but I've tinkered with cars a fair amount so i have some knowledge!
  8. Yeah that would be awesome!, where do we find out about said rides?
  9. Alex, I have absolutely no road experience at all, I'll be riding the thing around the block and backstreets until my confidence improves. Thank heavens for the Sat practice rides too, I'll be making good use of those. I picked the bike for its torque, so as a noob I can take off in 4th without a worry in the world! Hoping it'll last me well beyond my 3 yrs of purgatory in Vic, which I'm hearing it's more than capable of. Definitely post more pics, esp of the Akrapovic exhaust! And vids of course
  10. The MT07 is a good learner bike when talking about handling and turning circle etc, i think you'll find it very easy to get used to. When i first got my 'L' plates i found that after a few laps around the block on my old CBR i was more than confident to go out in traffic (i got a friend to ride it home from the place of purchase though). Just take it easy and keep in mind what they tell you at the training courses and you'll be fine!. As for taking off in 4th gear i highly recommend not doing that. Even though the bike and if I'm correct most bikes have wet clutches they're still not meant to be put under that sort of pressure, especially if the bikes is brand spanking new. Take off in first and you'll be more than fine, just go easy on the throttle in first and second, not that the bike will throw you off but the feeling of the torque will come as a bit of a surprise if you have 0 experience. Apart from that you'll be fine!

    3 years before full licence in VIC? really? Im almost certain that there is basically only about 1-1.5 years from getting your motorbike learners to full licence here in SA!. But if you have to do 3 years then I'm sure the bike will last, theres plenty enough power there to keep you entertained for a while!
  11. Just had my shorty levers delivered. Much better than the standard ones!


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  12. Hi Alex .when you bye a bike from Yamaha world or spend over $500 in store..fill this form (should have it in pack) first Sunday every month.The guys from yamworld run the ride. .I willl be going to next one
    I need lots of practice before that thou.

    Facebook like Yamaha World too.
  13. Ooh, nice levers! What are their advantages? You can adjust how far they stick out from the grips? Sorry for the ignorant questions, I'm so new to this caper.
  14. Well i bought the bike from them so iv'e definitely spent over $500 haha! I think they might have mentioned it when i was signing paperwork but all i could think about was the bike!

    Thanks for the info! hopefully ill see you out there :)

    The advantages are really personal preference. For me i prefer to use two fingers on my brake and clutch instead of all my fingers, I'm not sure why i just feel like i can control two fingers more efficiently and precisely than my whole hand. The 'shorty' levers are more ergonomically designed for use with less fingers. And in my opinion look better than the stock levers. I ran these exact same levers on my last bike and loved them. Im yet to ride the MT with them yet. :)
  15. Sweet bike mate, I'm looking at getting one too! Took one for a test ride the other day. Having just passed my MOST in nsw and been 25 I only have a year until I'm unrestricted, so not sure if I should fork out the coin for the MT07 lams or just wait and get the HO or MT09. Just wanted to mention also, I'm fairly inexperienced when it comes to road riding, only been riding off road enduro where I too like using a few fingers on clutch and brakes. During the MOST the instructor was up me for not using all four fingers on the brake, he wanted us to use our palms against the grip which gives you more strength I suppose when having to make that emergency stop. I'm sure the more experienced can chime in.

    How wide are the bars out of interest from end of grip to end of grip, curious to know if I get one it will fit down the side of my house. Good luck mate.
  16. Too be honest i think that the MT07 would satisfy you whilst you are on your learners and even a little bit into your unrestricted licence, depending on how you ride etc. i only have a year until I'm unrestricted as well, i just didn't have the patience to wait the year before buying one!

    I agree with more palm on the grips. when using two fingers it feels like i have better control of the bars them selves.

    From bar end to bar end my bike measures 72cm on the dot. The mirrors are a little wider than that but can be folded in easily.
  17. Nice pics man, helped me a lot, just ordered a Mustard Tail tidy for my white MT07.
    Seems like some have different tyres, my ABS came with Bridgestone Battlax on it?
    Haven't seen a lot of 07's around SA, might see you around the hills sometime. You'll hear it more easily than you see it...... I fitted the Yoshi on mine, definitely worth it!
  18. Hey bullitt Yoshi pipe that would sound gold..you buy off web? Around $1000?
    Took my yellow mt07 today through hills today.. Smiles all day!
  19. We should have a SA MT07 meetup!

    But seriously i wouldn't mind hearing the sound of the yoshi pipe, I'm waiting for the 1000km service and was thinking going to Titanium Akarapovic which is apparently $1380 installed, seems like a lot of money.
  20. Mt 07 meet up would be sweet!

    Weather is starting to look good too.