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New Motovlogger - First video. Feedback appreciated

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by wideone3, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. So i decided after 3 years of watching others vlog their days on two wheels i finally went out, got a camera and mic and started the journey. This is my first video and realise some of my downfalls but any constructive criticism would be awesome. Cheers

  2. Forgot to link the video :)
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    Cheers man.
  4. I watched 5 mins. Your rambling on dude. If you had of been actually riding i would have persisted.
  5. didn't watch the vid
    I hate floggers
  6. hmmm just watched some of it
    I hope you have a day job
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  7. I got about twenty seconds in then scanned for any action. Are you putting any riding in your next vlong, since, you know, it's a motorbike vlog? If it's not a motorbike vlog, then why muffle your voice by wearing a helmet.

    Work out what you want to say first then say it, as you fumble around for words at times.

    On a positive note, good intro graphics and nice bike.
  8. Errr craptaculor. More ridn less chatn.
    He he.
  10. OK so:
    • Edit Edit Edit Cut Cut Cut
    • Script, what do you want to say, what dialogue and images support that.
      • Try and inject some humour, anecdotes etc,
    • Speak clearly varying intonation & rhythm
      • Record dialogue later in a quiet area and mix ambient sound in underneath.
    • Swaying the camera around makes people giddy.
      • Move the camera to get multiple shots from different aspects.
      • Shots of you
      • Shots of the bike
      • Shots of the terrain
      • Shots on the bike.
    Then of everything you shoot 50% should stay on the cutting room floor.
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  11. Haha cheers for all that. Yeah this was more of a test I'll redo the whole thing shortly. I didn't edit anything as I had uni exams that week so didn't put in much effort. As I said it was more testing the camera and voice as such, probably shouldn't have uploaded it. Thanks for the replies and I know what to work on!
  12. You wanted constructive criticism yes? Sorry I've got nothing particularly constructive to add other than it was as boring as bat shit.
  13. HAHA nah all good. i got bored watching it myself and knew i needed something different. I need to wait till i have a bit more free time as I've pretty much just finished uni exams so i have more time to edit and stuff
  14. You need a gong, very Red Symons :)
  15. Mate , Moto vlogs are like pornos nobody gives a fcuk about the story ya just want to see someone get up it.
  16. I have nothing nice to say.
  17. I never really intended on motovlogging. Got it more for safety and helmet/dash cam. So yeah my attempt was very poor. Might try again sometime in the future depends how much effort/time I want to invest.
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  18. Might I suggest a couple of things? I have not seen the video but I have over 1100 subs since I started a year ago.

    - First, if you need topics - check out the Moto Talks series.
    - Just out dead air as well.
    - Watch your video 3 times, if you can't watch it through no one else will.
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  19. Ride as much as you can then edit for the good bits ... I have an attention span of about , oh, 20 seconds, if that.
    I do watch all the Dash Cam Owners Australia fb bites if that's any help :]
  20. Thanks! Yeah i think I was just rushing into it and not getting enough footage. That was pretty much just laziness on my part. Am currently working on a new video but weather has either been way too hot or like now, raining but will try get another first video up by new years and see if that's any better. Actually doesn't help that my we've ran out a internet this month :/
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