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New motorcycle with accessories

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raging, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm thinking about getting a new street triple (non R) and have a couple of questions.

    - There are a few accessories I wouldn't mind getting, like the seat cowl, financially is it best to buy this with the bike or try to buy it online, maybe from an overseas site.

    - Is there any differences in the new models of the street triple (say 2011, 2010) models after they changed from the bug eyed model ?

    - Does the ausmoto irc channel still exist ?


  2. The bikes are virtually identical!!! Other than the headlight change, colours & decals, they are exactly the same bike. From what I know, they've also got slightly different engine covers too, other than that, if you like the bug-eye (round lights) better, definitely save the money & get one of them.

    Without sounding biased, I personally think they destroyed the look of the street & speeds... & that's not just the lights either!! The whole package just looks so tacky & cheap now. If I was buying now rather than a couple of years ago, I don't even think I'd consider one anymore.

    Other than looks though, on a non-R if you're a sporty rider, you'll find it's limits pretty quickly but other than that, they are an amazing bike to ride! Good choice! ;)

  3. Hi GT

    Thanks for the reply.

    I was more wondering about the version after the bug eyes, is there any difference between the years, say 2011 and 2012 models or is it all just one model.

    Any other suggestions? the street triple just seems like a fun versatile bike with good reviews.

    The bike will mainly be an urban and commute bike with the occasional saturday morning blat up the old pacific highway. I'm not sure the 1G is worth it.


  4. I thought the R had fully adjustable suspension, while the vanilla didn't.
  5. My understanding is the R has the adjustable suspension, better brakes, a different handlebar and is available in different colors
  6. I just went through this decision about 2 weeks ago - bought the Triple R 2012 for $13,900 in Melbourne. The difference between the standard and the R has been covered, but the bigger breaks, better master cylinder, adjustable suspension was in my mind easily worth the extra, but for me it was only about $600 more, so a no brainer really. There are more differences between the 2012 and 2010 than has been covered here - of course there are the cosmetic changes, but also the 12 has Pirelli tyres, the engine is the same but tuned differently and uses an upgraded management system (I have no concrete evidence of this other than what the mechanic tells me (not who I bought the bike off). The instrument is also different, but only visually - not sure when they bought the gear change indicator in on the Street...? Not sure about the looking cheap bit - I guess that is just down to aesthetics, but I think they look pretty good, and the parts are all solid and good quality.

    In terms of comparisons, I guess the Suzuki GSR750 or Kawasaki Z750, but I was always going to go for either the twin or the triple (tested the Monster 696 - different league really, and the 1100 was too much cash). It is always a tough call given how much is out there, but I have never looked back (in the last 2 weeks anyway), except when I am passing all those Ducatis out there (I know I am gonna cop it for that!!).