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New motorcycle..... Triosung

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Aug 25, 2008.

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  2. Just one more reason to not buy one.
  3. An incredibly narrow minded view from the writer of that little blurb. The writer is of the typical ‘all corporations are greedy’ mentality.

    Is it really that hard to imagine part of the cost cutting strategy may be happening to free up funds from Production to assist R&D and Marketing campaigns to further build the brand?

    The company has aspirations to grow. They see moving their facility as a means to become more competitive in the marketplace.

    And this is soooo evil because?
  4. ....might have something to do with the UK heading for a recession....up to 2 million people may be out of work in the UK soon. They are probably doing it to cut costs due the credit crisis that has taken over most western countries.

    (Australia is not imune...just look a all of the headlines lately. "X company has layed off x number of employees" is becoming almost a daily occourence.)
  5. He he he he. When I was in China a month back I was amused to see the number of products with "Made in Thailand" stickers/tags on them. The wheel may turn slowly but it does turn :)
  6. Where were these doom-sayers when Meriden was closing down and they needed bodies at the gates???
  7. Old news, Triumph have had factories building bikes and components in Thailand for years, the entire classic range is produced in Thailand.

    This is typical of many forms of manufacturing today, it says nothing about quality just cost of production.
  8. if a company of any form of manufacture or fabrication has a plant in china using tooling and machines of their spec as they would have used if the work was carried out in another country there is no problem with the product. yes it may be cheaper and thus the company may make more profit and yes i too dont agree with that but at the end of the day is it not more the company than the location ?. just my 2c
  9. True, and the Daytonas are made in Malaysia. . . . true ??

    A lot of cars these days are made in Thailand.
    Almost all japanese utes sold here are made in Thailand and even mid range luxury cars like the Honda Accord Euro.
  10. those big tough new hilux jobs were floating around thailand years ago and my bike proudly has a made in thailand plate on it..we deal with a major shopfitting material that is from the US and is now also being made in japan.. yes i know japan isnt china but there is no difference in the product at all.
  11. Come to think about it, heaps of things are made in Thailand.

    This dude called Brendan bought new body parts from Thailand, now he has come back and likes to be called Brenda ! :LOL:

  12. :eek: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: i think i met this brenda.. very cute
  13. I think it's more important "WHO" makes the item, not so much "WHERE" these days. Geographic location is just that. If Ducati moved it's operation to China, using the company's own existing technology & staff, then who cares where they do it.

    .. food for thought :)
  14. + 1
    remember when anything made in japan was crap but now if you want to get a good tv it has to come from japan to be good.. its the product not the location for sure...
  15. Correct. Thai components have been included since the 90's. Triumph actually took over one of the suppliers a few years ago and have been expanding it's production ever since.
    The new assembly line will be in addition to Hinkley, not to replace it.

    If it was China, then maybe I would be worried for them.
  16. Wrong example Vinnie !

    I've walked the Ducati factory in Bologna.
    The workers there are very-proud egotistical Italians ! :grin:
    I don't think you can source another nationality who put their heart and soul in putting a bike together like the folk at Bologna.

    It just won't work ! The smell and texture of Laksa fingerprint stains on fairings cannot compare to red wine / pasta sauce stains ! :LOL:
  17. What a load of tripe in the original, and in most of the comments.

    Two years ago I was selling Samsung plasma TVs. A 42" hi-def panel cost $4,000

    Two years later because of lower maunfacturing costs the same spec cost $1,400.

    hardly grounds for "who does it benefit?" type of comment....
  18. i had a boss who reduced cost of one of our products about 6 years back by 60% by going to china and then increased the price to our clients by 15 odd %.. that was a bastard move that cost him about half his staff..
  19. Not knowing any details of the type of business, i think that sounds bloody great! Halving cost and upping price is the things dreams are made of and he should be rewarded. Generally a lack of competition makes this kind of thing possible otherwise customers will go elsewhere.

    However hearing the staff left because of this makes me believe there was a moral issue involved?
  20. BMW's must be crap cause some of their cars are made in Seth Effrica. Right.

    Bottom line is that country of manufacture means nothing.