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new motorcycle quiz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Spot on :)
  2. oh awesome :D
  3. Who'd've thought I like nakedness!!

    Where was the Takamii option for the helmets?
  4. I got squid, but I was being a little silly.

    My real result was Naked.
  5. flip! i totally forgot! i had a mental blank and even had to go to helmetwarehouse.com.au to look up brands haha all i could think of was my beautiful shark helmets :p
  6. PGriz's Result: Squid!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. awesome :D =D>
  8. Naked!!!!
  9. Naked...

    Not bad! I own a naked for a learner bike, but I think my next will be at least half-faired :p
  10. oh, and just to let everyone know, the answers you can get:

    naked, sports, sports tourer, cruiser, tourer, dirt, dual purpose and squid.
  11. That's fun, but... I told it I like fast bikes, bikes with a fairing, I like to get my knee down, XZ10s look cool, often over 150 ... and it still wants me to ride a naked. Interesting. Would that be because I don't want it to wake up the cops 3 states away, or because I ride every day, or because I sometimes couldn't be bothered struggling into the full leather romper suit?

    On the bright side, it didn't ask me for 73 items of information that have nothing to do with bikes, but might be useful for identity theft or placement on a spam list, or try and infect my linux box with half a dozen windoze viruses...
  12. Perhaps secretly you lust after a CB900 & the quiz knows all?

  13. Naked here too, but the bike at the top of your list is my favorite, the MV Agusta Brutale..

    That's pretty much 100% naked bikes, am sensing some bias here...

  14. "General Harley, Honda Shadow, or Suzuki Intruder.
    You prefer to chill out while riding, enjoy the sights, stick on or below the speed limit and like to sit back.
    You might not be the most competent rider and don't get out too much, or you might be riding every day, with numerous tours each year - either way, you look to be suited to a cruiser bike.
    You probably also like stupidly loud bikes.
    For you, I suggest getting a Harley."

    Seriously (pun)...who the **** thinks up this shit.....me on a fuggin hardly, any honda, or a cruiser.....****off......

    so far from the truth it is not even funny...

    fail....completely wrong
  15. hmmm....

    i dunno.

    you should have gotten sports bike or squid.

    unfortunately the way the quiz is designed is not how i'd like - ie, if you have a true or false question, you can only have one result from either

    eg: true = cruiser. false = sports bike
    can't have multiple results for it

    sucky... :(
  16. i ride a sports tourer - no bias.
  17. haha jeeze man, lighten up. it's not deciding your future or anything :p

    as i said, the quiz isn't the way i'd have it, so perhaps you chose more enjoying the roads and loud bikes questions. who knows :)
  18. Well ... [shuffles feet, looks at the ground] my '81 Bol d'or got knocked off by a copper's mate in '83, so ... I'd have probably kept it longer if given the option. And I wouldn't mind getting it back now - if it was in the condition in which I bought it. Can't see those things happening but...

    Some say that he harbours a secret desire to be able to post to NetRiders without a working internet connection, but the job's already taken.
  19. The quiz said that nekkid bikes are for me! (Not wrong either)