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New motorcycle prices in Turkey (Suzuki)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ResmeN, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Was just browsing on a Turkish Suzuki website and stumbled across new bike prices and couldn't believe my eyes.


    1 AUD = 1.39 TRY

    Just an example we pay about $10000 for a Gladius here in AU and they
    pay 21000 lira for the same bike which is about AUD 15107.

    GSXR1000 is 39350 TRY which is about AUD 28309.

    Also note a litre of petrol there costs AUD 3.00 and gas is AUD 1.50.

    As much as we complain about prices here being expensive in comparison to US, EU or JP we are still very blessed when you compare it to TR.

    Mind you the average income of Joe Blow's in Turkey is half and more than less even below half of what we earn here.

  2. Luxury items.

    Do these prices include rego or turkish equiv?

    I wonder if it's Suzuki gouging the market or high import duties/taxes?
  3. Wow! I can't believe the AUD is around 1.4 YTL. Last time I was there it was closer to 1:1 - and that is only last July.

    Any idea what the prices are like for Kanunis? I saw heaps of little Chinese and Russian bikes when I was there last, as well as a bazillion little Kanunis. I hardly saw anything bigger than 200 cc except in Istanbul. Even in Ankara most of the bikes were small capacity things.
  4. There are all sorts of bikes in Turkey but those prices are just God damn high especially compared to the money people earn.

    I would say they include it otherwise would be another grand on top.

    Most likely would be high import duties and local taxes.
  5. I thought the same thing. When I was in Europe and Turkey last June/July when changing 100 Aussie I would get back 55 Euro or 120 Turkish (Ali you actually haggle over exhange rates too). It would appear now is a good time for a holiday to that part of the world or anywhere for that matter with the Aussie currency as strong as it is.

    Here are some prices on the Kanuni's:


    Likewise didn't see many larger cc bikes except for in Antalya & Istanbul. Saw a few Hyosung gt650 bikes.
  6. ISTR that Turkey now manufactures (or did, until recently) there own version of the old MZ250 stroker. Based on my own MZ ownership, they should be decent little bikes if their quality control isn't too bad. Might be cheaper than imports too.
  7. same deal in greece. I think its like an encouragement to buy small hence why everone's riding around on those postie looking things like the little bikes in asia.
  8. unbelievable!

    Your spot on man, we've got it really good in comparison. Compare Turkey with the UK and that'll blow your sock right of!
  9. 100% import duty on bikes imported into India, i think they just want to keep these things off the road as much as possible
  10. You'd think why do they that. The only thing I'm thinking of is perhaps they want people to only buy locally made royal enfields. Who knows what these greedy governments are upto with the rediculous taxes they apply.
  11. I would say its forcing them to buy local.
  12. I read an article somewhere that was saying most of europe were jumping across the channel to buy bikes and bring them home.