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New Motorcycle Land Speed Record

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Well it's still pending FIM ratification but a speed of 350.884mph (or 564.67kph) was set recently by Dennis Manning, breaking the previous 342.797mph record that has stood since 1990. The bike used (named "Seven") is powered by a custom built V-four, turbocharged, engine with a displacement of 3 litres - putting out around 500bhp. The body is made from Kevlar and carbon fibre. Kinda makes a 'Busa look like a postie bike :LOL:.

  2. good to see it was wheel driven.
  3. Wheel driven or not, it doesn't count in my books. That's just a two wheel rocket. :mad:

    It needs to be a road legal vehicle to count for me. Only then does speed impress.
  4. Speeds Like that aint for the road Rotorcycle!
  5. No good on the 'spurs
  6. So MotoGP, WSBK speeds don't count because you can't buy them across the counter, eh??? :roll:

    There ARE WLSR categories for road-legal bikes, but the outright record has never been held by a road bike, nor will it. Same goes for cars.....
  7. Exactly, there's numerous categories for bikes depending on their level of modification (frame and/or engine) - there's even a seperate category for pushrod engines. As it stands the record for a modified production bike (ie neither engine or frame are special construction), running on "normal" fuel is just 326.7kph. So anything less than that is far from impressive - doing it on a public road just makes it stupid.
  8. There is something very very cool about building something simply to "see how fast she goes". I love it. It even looks fast.

    Apparantly things can get REAL sketchy handling wise above 300 mph.

    Mark who's not to-cool-for-school and like bright shiny things...
  9. As an engineer I can see the merit and appeal of making the fasted bike every, regarless of whether it looks like a street bike or even can be ridden on the road.

    That appeal dissapear as soon as it's just strapping a couple of wheels to a rocket. Thats just pointless.
  10. Bert Munro did 40yrs of R&D, tripled the top speed of his Indian and went faster than a production Hirabusa over 30years ago!
    The Laws of physics (Time&Gravity) sorta made things unstable over 200mph!

    World Land speed record Machines are Very serious machines, regardless of class/capacity. An exciting sport and far less dangerous than riding any streetbike.

    Check out http://www.geocities.com/buddfab/buddfab3
    Thats one very fast 50cc! now must check the 500cc ? :?:
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  12. Yeah personally I don't get throwing a whole heep of mony at a busa and going down to the salt flats.

    Chances are someone else has more money then you and the difference between 150 and 220 MPH is not going to get me excited.

    I rather have the fun of trying to get something like a sr250 going as quick as I could get it on the samllest possible budget.
  13. As Said Earlier its a Rocket With 2 Wheels, Does nothing for me, An once again as Said, Need to be at least Road Worthy, If not at least Basic Motorbike Structure... :cool:
  14. Since when is a motorbike enclosed??? :?

    That's just a 2 wheeled cage!
  15. It's no VTR250...
  16. What's a fairing? A fully enclosed LSR machine is just a fully faired bike; see the 1950s 'dustbin' fairings on Moto-Guzzis, etc.

    {Oh, and welcome 'back' jarrah :)}.

    Dreamah, you obviously have a basic literacy problem, and that's easy to address: there are courses all over the place in which you can enrol which will teach you how to read basic English and interpret the meaning of the words. your As Said Earlier its a Rocket With 2 Wheels shows that you didn't read that it is a MOTORCYCLE World Record, nor that the MOTORCYCLE is wheel driven, therefore not rocket-powered... :roll: