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New motorcycle buying advice for a Vic learner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by scotty134, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone! I recently obtained my motorcycle learner's permit in Victoria. I'm looking to buy a motorcycle that is on the LAMs list. From my research so far I've made the decision that I'm looking to purchase new for the security of having a warranty and knowing the history (or lack thereof) of the bike. However, I'm open to all suggestions. I will use the bike to commute to university on a freeway so speed and overtaking power is a must. I'm 189 cm (6'2") and 70 kg so I want a "roomy" bike suitable for a tall person! I like sporty looking bikes ie. faired and I'm not really that keen on a naked bike. I want some levels of performance as well.

    I'm currently seriously considering a Suzuki GS500F and to a lesser extent the Hyosung GT650RL and the Honda CB400.

    Now, as the title of the thread suggestions I would appreciate advice on how to handle buying a new motorcycle. Peter Steven's has a GS500F for $6,490 + ORC, it's labelled as an '07 model I don't know when it was built.

    How negotiable are the prices, who has a reputation for being cheapest in and around Melbourne? RRP for the GS500F is $7,990 so the price from Peter Steven's is a significant discount off retail. Is this because a new model is imminent or are sales targets that need to be met by the end of June the reason for such discounting?

    As a new rider I'm looking for a complete package including gear so obviously if I take all my business to one dealer I'd potentially get a good deal so again any advice on this is appreciated!

    I haven't ridden any of these bikes yet (it's currently illegal) but I've sat on them all. I think the riding position on the Suzuki is more upright and probably well suited to my size however I can't be sure given the static nature of my exposure to the bike!

    At the moment, the price is right on the Suzuki and I don't want to spend extra for the Honda especially since I don't really like the look of it and if I was spending that much I think I'd rather the Hyosung given the potential to de-restrict it once I'm off my Ls or do it earlier however I don't think I'd be silly enough to do this but it would be a different story once I had the bike.

    Anything I haven't thought of? I don't need to be told how crap Hyosungs are thanks - I've read the threads, I'd rather hear about good experiences on that particular bike! As for the GS and the CB positives and negatives!! Any higher capacity used bikes that are relatively new and worth looking into?

  2. You can probably get it for $7000 on the road, but they'd want around $7400

    The 08 model (if that's happening) will probably just be new colours

    Peter stevens is the cheapest i found, but ymmv

    They offer 10% any gear/accessories purchase if you buy the bike off them

    I like my CB400 but then again i prefer the look of naked bikes..
  3. honda or the spewsuki

    stay away from those hyo's... have a little search around and you'll see what i mean

    at 70kg, a 250 is adequate for overtaking on highways (although you may have to drop down a gear or two) If you are lookin for a 250, i cannot recommend the hornet enough. 250cc engine with a 600 frame.
  4. Have you ridden a GS500F? How much quicker/nicer to ride is the CB400 than the GS500?

    I'm not *totally* against a naked bike which would mean CB400 is on the cards again but is it worth $3.5k more than the unfaired GS500?
  5. No sorry... I'm in QLD and i'm still on my restricted license, can't really help you there

    I am sure a lot of people here are more qualified than me to comment on the motorbikes you have mentioned.

    Good luck, whichever bike you to decide to buy
  6. I doubt there'd be that much difference - they're both under the 150kw/tonne limit after all. The difference would be in how the power is delivered - and whether you're willing to pay extra for a bike just so you can have something that revs more and therefore feels sportier than the lazy P-2 in the GS (of course for reliability I'd pick the GS).
  7. I have a 250 Hyo, and I am happy with mine, Whther I would buy the GT650R..? Yes ,although personally I would like to be on a ducatti for my next bike(Selfish.. yes I know). I know you said you read the threads around here, so take in mind everyones comments on these machines. I wouldn't advise anyone to ignore some of the complaints.

    I haven't ridden either of those other machines, but they both look good. You may be able to ride the honda out at HART, it would suprise me if honda didn't have that service available there. But I do not know, maybe a phone call would resolve that, as for getting a test ride before lams, well aside from above, maybe try a private buyer, just make sure you got the cash incase you stack it... and don't say your just there for a spin, who knows you might like it.

    Tunelliner, I would say he already has found Stigger's(and others) Posts.

    In all honesty though, its your choice, your decision, your problem if you make a mistake. Buy the one you want, and wait(1/2) a month for LAMS to come into effect(I do believe it is july 1 that happens, could be wrong though :p)
  8. the suzuki would be my pick.

    i'd leave the hyo's alone.

    buy new.

    enjoy riding.

    my 2 cents.
  9. why not 2.5cents :LOL:
  10. +1 - except I tend to think you're a moron to buy new. And I'd put the VTR250 on any learner list because it's brilliant.
  11. Don't buy new. Dumbest thing I ever did.

    Keep an eye out for a VTR250. I know it mightn't be your cup of tea, but it really is a terrific bike.

    The CB400 is simply a better bike than the GS500, which in itself is a great machine. I don't think you could go wrong.

    But really, really oonsider a 2nd hand bike, especially the GS500F. They are practically bullet proof and should keep you interested in riding until you're off your L's.
  12. Thanks for the responses so far! There aren't many GS500Fs in Victoria on Bikesales and I only get $1,000 off if I buy a 4 year old GS with 32k on the clock? I think it's worth it to buy new, I have no problems with second hand so long as it's worth it!

    Any other online classifieds I can look at?
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  14. Give me $3.50 and I'll give you my opinion...

    Maybe I'll just give it to you anyway...

    The CB400 is nice, but to expensive.

    The Hyoflungdung is nice, on paper. Reliability is a worry, how's resale? Not so great I presume.

    GS500F is the pick of the bunch, in my unbiased opinion.
    Reliable as hell. Great resale (as you've seen). Seems to fit your criteria, plenty of power to overtake and not revving its metal nipples off at freeway speeds.
  15. Also, you don't have to get all your kit from teh same place you get your bike. Most places will give you a discount if you tell them you're a learner. (a) because they know you're looking to buy some gear not just browsing (b) because you might be looking to drop a serious amount of coin and (c) because they want your future business.

    I got all my stuff from Bike Mart in Ringwood and they gave me a really good deal as well as heaps of good advice.
  16. +1 to Bike Mart.

    Good service, good advice and good prices.
  17. gs500f

    Hey ;;

    Yes I've been researching the GS500f for the past 2 months waiting for LAMS ,

    I'm 6.1 90kg this site and a lot more say its the one to go for ( in my view).

    I put one on order from Peter stevens on the weekend $6.500+orc

    they only have 2 colors blue/white or black/silver

    I rang around and no one could beat this price .. one dealer told me they can't'' bring them in for that''.

    as for gear I found PS to be a little expensive so got all my gear form different places .BTX in ferntree Gully.. internet..

    I found second hand GS500f people want to much

    2006 mod 6k
    2006 mod with 20k on clock 6.9k
    2004 mod with 26k on clock 5.k
    2007 mod with 2.k on clock 7.8k

    all advertised over the past 2 months

    So $6,500 +orc ( around 800) and 2 years is a good deal for me at this time .

    Will let you know how it fly's end of the month .. good luck
  18. I also went to Peter Steven's in the city on Saturday and they seem to think $7,420 is the cheapest they can do. Thanks for the ammunition because I'm not sold yet!