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New motorbike strategy for Hampshire [UK] RideSMART

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/newshome/New-bike-scheme-to-help.6659848.jp

    New bike scheme to help cut road deaths
    Published Date:14 December 2010

    The fire service has introduced a new scheme to try to reduce the number of motorcycle road deaths.

    Police statistics show 28 per cent of road deaths in Hampshire involved motorcyclists, eight per cent above the national average.

    The new initiative, dubbed RideSMART, aims to raise awareness of motorcycle safety through Skills, Maintenance, Awareness, Respect and Tailoring.

    Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is promoting the use of protective clothing, increasing the skills levels of riders, and a rider information card to keep inside their helmets.

    A RideSMART bike promoting the scheme will be travelling around the region.

    Station manager for road safety at Eastleigh, Clyde Evans said: 'The RideSMART bike is designed for education and prevention and it is not a response vehicle for use at incidents. The new bike will be out and about to raise awareness of RideSMART at places across the county such as schools, colleges, public events and popular motor biking haunts.'

    Local dealer Destination Triumph in Fareham is backing the scheme.

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    28%!!! I know comparing countries is fraught with potential flaws, but it makes Victoria's 12- 14% look positively amazing.

    I'm wondering what the tailoring part of the SMART approach means - probably riding for the conditions maybe? It seems like a good approach from the little said about it in the article.

    It's nice to read about concerned authorities who don't dive onto the enforcement lever as a kneejerk reaction.
  2. to represent nationally 20% of the road toll is pretty scary. this shows it is a similar level to pedestrain fatalities and 4 times the rate of pedal cyclists. I've no reason to doubt the data but it's completely opposite to what I would have expected.

    this map might be interesting too
  3. I suspect that bikes make up a higher percentage of UK traffic than in Australia. I've nothing to back that up, but gut feeling tells me it's so.

    I'm puzzled as to why Hampshire should be particularly bad for motorcycle deaths. I suppose there might be a particularly high level of motorcycle ownership in the county. It is also a popular touristy sort of area, containing the New Forest. However, the roads are more suited to gentle, summer afternoon bimbling type riding than having a good thrash. Maybe animal strikes? The New Forest has all sorts of livestock roaming loose (it's one of its main attractions) so I suppose that's a possibility. It's where I had my deer incident, mentioned on another thread.
  4. if you look at the map I linked to previously there's no real pattern. A lot of fatalities along the M3/M27 corridor which presumably reflects that's the main way in/out of the county from London, but there's a fairly even spread throughout the county including the IoW and your favorite forest.

    A quick look at hertfordshire (my old stamping ground) shows a similar pattern to Hamps so I suspect it's more a case of Hampshire authorities being proactive rather than a Hampshire problem. I seem to remember Hamps CC being one of the leaders in introducing (and since removing) speed cams.