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New Moto Guzzi V7

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    Okay so 50hp is hardly exciting (especially with shaft drive) and 750cc is too big for LAMS but - I like it.
    There's so much potential there for a really nice cafe racer too, factory or otherwise.

  2. Yep if they can get it here for a similar price to the Breva (bit less please) I'll have a hard time not finding the money.
  3. There has been quite a bit of discussion about this bike amongst AIGOR members (Guzzis owners group), mostly not flattering.

    This Guzzi owner actually likes it though :)
  4. Yyyyyeah nah.
  5. Really? What's the criticisms?
  6. Could it be that it already looks twenty years old....and I don't mean in a cool 'retro' sort of a way.
  7. Partly based around the fact that they've badged it as a V7, an iconic Guzzi model that was a 'big block' motor, whereas the retro is based on a 'small block' motor.

    Also some other stuff like if has square fins (not round like the early motors do), and some comments about the lines of the bike.

    Most of the angst seems to be because some people feel they've 'cheapened' the original by doing a down market poor copy.

    I don't look at retro's as copies anyway... just bikes that convey some of the look of the original.

    A Modern Mini isn't anything like the original, a modern ZRX1200R isn't much like the original Eddie Lawson replica.

    Expecting the V7 retro to be close to the original is expecting a bit much if you ask me... although I do think they'd have done better if they'd used the 850 Griso big block Griso motor.
  8. I can't believe you'd be happy with this after the GSXR-1100?

    This looks the goods, breva's are hideous, shame it'll probally be $2000 more than the triumph bonneville.
  9. I think it looks cool, but hey it's not like I'm a target market for motorcycle companies is it?

    over 40, good job, male etc etc :LOL: :LOL:
  10. A couple of short videos of the new V7 and the Stelvio on rotating stands.

    Gives a good 360 degree view of the bikes.
  11. Are you guys serious ?

    This has about as much flair and sex appeal as a 1940's Soviet tank. (Bet it handles like one as well.)
  12. Personally I find R1's and CBR1000RR's and similar boring and yawn inspiring, but people like them.

    I'm not a great fan of cruisers either but lots of other people like them too.

    If we all liked the same sorts of bikes there'd only be a need for one model.
  13. its got a bit of charm
  14. Yeah, that's my fear too. The gsxr's too heavy for the work I do, and frankly I don't need the power. Still I've got used to the bottom end. I tell myself my next bike will be smaller. How much will depend on the test rides.

    The new v7 is not perfect, but it's heading the right direction. The 1000s was the sexiest bike Guzzi ever did and the v7 could be made to look similar very easily.
  15. Don't confuse a small block Guzzi with the torque of a big block Guzzi.

    Small blocks need to rev a bit and prefer being in the midrange.

    This bike will only perform about the same as a Ducati 620.