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New, more affordable, class of racing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VladTepes, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Supermoto is cheaper, surely, since it's the same bike without buying that kit.
  2. Umm yeah it's a proper race track none of those dirty bits.....
  3. I'm not saying it is a bad idea. I like it. What I mean is motards are cheaper because you do not have to buy this kit which basically doubles the cost. And they can be used on proper race tracks too.
  4. I suppose.
    The acceptable mods are different too.

    This is designed as a race series / spectator sport for at race meetings so I suppose the image has to be right as well.

    Also horses for courses I guess.
  5. You know how much those kits cost from the Spanish manufacturer - $AUD 6000 pr so

    I prefer supermoto
  6. so you would buy a $10000 drz400 and then a $6000 kit when you can just buy a a drz400sm for $10000 - $11000 i don't see the point
  7. They're not so cheap to buy, though if they get popular a few local glass guys may make it more affordable.

    But they address the issue of appearance for those that don't like the chookie look, preferring the faired bikes.

    I think the real saving is in tyres. If you pick up say a 600 for that sort of money, you eat through tyres a hell of a lot quicker.

    Personally, I'd go (and have traditionally gone) the motard but with 2-stokes dead and 400s diminishing there may be a market for an entry level class......who knows if it'll work.
  8. yeah but buckets have about 5.5hp which isnt that exciting lol.

    i'm in 2 minds about this class. I like the look of the bikes but with my habit of throwing my bike at the ground on a regular basis it just wouldnt work for me.

    if FX actually opened up the supermoto (supermono) rules to allow aftermarket triple clamps, slicks tyres and more compression (you're allowed all this in this 450gp class) then the difference in lap times would not be that great, especially at say wakefield.

    fairings will make the difference for top end speed but other than that its nothing flash.

    there was alot of talk between the supermoto racers about the fx supermono class, and the long and short of it was the rules were not being followed at all with obvious cheating with most (if not all) bikes on the grid because of the prize bike up for grabs. i know guys that ran that class with bikes modified outside the rules and they would still lose out big time to the front runners bikes in a straight line.

    you can make all the rules but if you dont enforce them then its just a waste
  9. Affordable? 15K just to get it out of the workshop. Then you'll be wanting to stock up on inlet valves. And cam-chains. And balancer shaft bearings if you choose a red engine. Don't forget to check those valve clearances every meeting. And change the oil. Did you know Honda recommend 15 hours service life for a CRF450 top-end?

    You'll pick up a decent 600 in race trim under 5 grand. And the things still going to run upside down or underwater long after you're sick to death of racing mudda boiks.
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  10. ^^^^^+1^^^^^

    You can get a brand new superstock 600 for that money, which will be quicker and wont need 5 new top ends per season to be competitive. And the 15 hour service life quoted would be at least halved for track based bikes which endure high rpm for long periods.
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    what about the Challenge Cup at Morgan Park raceway - Warwick?

    I thought that was the cheapest option... (which i'm looking at entering next year)

    as far as Im aware there isn't really "classes"... You just go do a qualifying time, and they group a bunch of riders together with roughly the same lap times.. and they go and race...

    example: [media=youtube]ePcFPL7zaOY[/media]
  12. Slideways the next one is actually 23-25 Nov this year according to the calendar on my wall :deal:

    it's not a series though, just 1 or 2 weekends each year. Good fun though, esp if you are a slow qualifier and improve throughout the weekend, as some people do. The FX450 is a new category of racing for FX series, so 6 rounds each year, but would also be eligible for formula 3 in the local qld rounds where it would dominate the hyosungs and clapped out 400s. If you are going to allow freak bikes in though :D then, how about a 600 with one cylinder decommissioned - still good for 60hp bone stock disconnected and 70+hp when you figure it out, could be better with a way to figure out pumping losses, or even a 675 made to be a twin, both would dominate the 450 in terms of chassis and brakes with a slightly improved powahh to weight ratio.

    And if you ever meet somebody who actually asked for the 450 series, better get an autograph and picture as they'd be rarer than the yeti.
  13. Seems a bit of a waste when you already have "twin sprints" ie 650 twins that have been around a good few years.
    From memory that was supposed to be a cheaper entry level class???
    'Cheaper' being a relative term when it comes to road racing......
  14. 600s aren't really an entry class for new racers or juniors coming through.

    So if 2-strokes are out, 400s are old, twin sprints haven't worked, what else is there in an off the shelf package that would serve?

    I'm certainly no fan of 450s on full road tracks but it seems like there aren't a whole lot of options. And a noisy and torquey thumper certainly has more cred than a 4-stroke 250 so it may be more appealing to new racers?

    I don't know, either it'll work or it won't but there is definitely an entry level spot that needs to be filled.
  15. How many 650 twins are there..

    All i can name are the sv650 and the hyosung. The yammy 650 twins are cruisers. And cf moto havent been round long enough. Ducatti is just prohibitively expensive
  16. Kawasaki ER6 fits in that class, as does one of the Cagiva models.

    best thing about the 650 twins is the cost of racing is fairly cheap... compared to a 600cc inline 4 of course.
  17. still only a three horse race at best, more of a two...
    as hyosung and cagiva parts arent exactly abundant (though i imagine hyosung would be easier to get)