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New monster

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kyl3, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Follow-on from this thread: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=126814#.TyEQz1wabeh

    After putting up with the little vtr for 7 months and 9000k's I've replaced it with something more suitable for me.. Monster 620 :D
    (Unfortunately I have a 2 week wait till I can collect it, but that's cool)

    02 model
    5 speed
    Staintune high mounts
    Silly bikini fairing (being removed)
    Belly pan (not 100% sold on this yet)
    Heated grips
    Gear indicator
    Bar risers, which are awesome








    Open to suggestions on future mods guys!!! :D :D

  2. nice lookin bike, belly pan sets it off too!! congrats!!
  3. That's a really nice looking ride!! I'm looking to upgrade too from my Vtr as soon as i save up enough pennies!!

    Have fun and keep us posted on how she goes!!(y)
  4. Had my monster for 4 weeks, and 1500 klm.

    Loving it!

  5. Jealous Much!
  6. Cheers guys!! :D
    Pretty stoked with it, cannot wait to pick it up!!!! lol..

    Anyone want a bikini fairing and belly pan????
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    Congrats. Looks lt is still in very good condition.
  8. Wow, that's a fantastic looking bike, good choice!
  9. You do realise it wont go as fast as the red ones.

    Not a lot of kms for an 02 and still has chicken strips on rear tyre. Guessing it didn't get out much and hasn't seen the countryside. Hope you rectify this this.
  10. Thanks lads for all the comments!! Was hoping for a few more mods suggestions? ;) I plan to give it a decent tidy up, refurb the pipes, powder coat some sections of the frame etc etc..

    HM, yeah, owned by a 50y.o for the last 4 years, been garaged for 6 months recently but had full service 2 weeks ago, new belts, valve set done too. So good to go!

    The ol' VTR did 9000k's in 6 months so yep, i'll be putting this thing through it's paces :D

    I've organized for a restrictor to be refitted to it (for the purposes of blue-slipping) too..
  11. Hurry up and get this thing Kyle.

    I've only taken the VTR out twice since getting it off you. Fun little bike but bloody loud compared to the GS (I'm becoming an old fart and the tinnitus is only getting worse). Think I'll need to find a butt plug for the Staintune so I don't wake up the old ladies in my block of units when I have to leave early or arrive late.
  12. Could always advertise the pipe here for trade, someone will buy it :)
  13. You should ride it with the bikini fairing for a while to see how it works in the air stream, for your height, your helmet, etc., to see how the wind noise is. Then ride it without thefairing and see if the noise is worse.

    Generally a naked will be quieter in the helmet since you don't get the air stream hitting your chest or neck causing a lot of noise. But it would be worth comparing.

    Same with the belly pan. My lower cyclinder gets an awful lot of road grim on it, and it is almost impossible to clean off properly. The belly pan should protect the engine a bit, and at the same time direct some air from above the spray over the engine to cool it.

    If you do get rid of the belly pan, you are just going to have to paint the front fender black...

    Enjoy the little 620. They can go like stink if ridden well, and it should handle beautifully. Although the VTRs are so easy to ride that you may find the Ducati a bit more work initially.
  14. I had been mulling over a twin headlight conversion for the last week or so, but also wanted to do a hid projector retrofit (not a slap in a bulb and go job) but I think i'ev found what I was really after..


    7" round, mounts to OEM headlight bracket, LED projectors! Is niiiice
  15. I love that Ducati yellow.
  16. Very nice. Much cheaper to repair than a genuine Ducati headlight as well I bet, if you get a stone strike.
  17. Really? Want to buy some yellow parts? :D

    Possibly! It's $500US though, so initial purchase is up there a fair bit! But I think it will be worth it!
    They actually do 4.5" ones too, which would look pretty cool side by side.. But they're ~$400us each..

    7 days till I pick this up..

    First hurdle, getting the LAMS status re-assigned! Blue slip should clear this up. It's a M401A on the rego label like the rest of the lams model 620's..
  18. I'm pretty sure that a standard Ducati replacement would be around $500 as well. They certainly aren't cheap. So really your replacement is only expensive because you haven't broken the original yet.

    If you sell the original to someone who needs it, the cost comes down even more! :)
  19. Very nice!

    Is this thing held together with zip ties or what? Maybe try taking them off the frame and see if the thing falls apart? o_O
  20. After an hour long phone call to the RTA yesterday it seems that despite what the seller has told me, this bike was NEVER registered as a LAMS bike, even when first registered.

    Lied to me, lied in the ad (see 2nd heading): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/11080655...AX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_500wt_1413


    Spoke to RTA they say it can't be done, spoke to a blue slipper he says they can do it.
    I have already got a restrictor lined up to be fitted by the old ducati penrith dealer for ~$100.
    The lams list on the rta say 03-07 m620, this bike is a 9/02..

    Confused as to weather I should be demanding my money back or not. I don't really have the spare coin to pay what some on bike sales are asking (9-11k) though