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New Monster is a big boned girl

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by CaffeineMonster, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Finally took delivery of my new Monster 659 last night - at my sister's house as she has nice flat driveway and mine is steep and awkward. She's a sexy beast all dressed in black. Took her for her first ride last night - much different riding at night. Today, my 5th day riding including 2 day q-ride she taught me that she is heavy big boned girl when I proceeded to drop her at a stop sign, naturally right in front of a crew of road workers. Strangely, only my pride was damaged as she also showed me she is a strong girl with only a tiny scratch on the back of the left mirror - don't know what else she landed on, but not a scratch or mark on her otherwise, phew! Hopefully, that is my drop out of the way!

    So, took her home to check she was ok. Went sat down to think about what I did wrong - while i thought I started my braking and downshifting sequence early I didn't slow enough before the line so had to jump on brakes at last minute which unsettled her and me. As I went to put foot down (also looking down - tsk tsk) didn't realize road had steep slope to the left until it was too late. Could feel her going (crying no, no, no in my head), but she was too heavy compared to the little 125's we learnt on in q-ride so couldn't hold her up. Doh! She taught me an important lesson for basically no cost (except my public embarrassment) which was nice of her I guess.

    Decided, best thing to do was get back out there in back streets and practice slow moving, stopping and slow corners - is what I am most uncomfortable at with her and developed better handling. Then I had to ride her 50km home on Logan motorway and Cleveland-Beenleigh roads. First time really had some butterflies since beginning to learn to ride last Saturday. Once underway though was ok and much better, smoother coming to stops - even balanced her while barely moving at one point, feet still on pegs, when slowly coasting to a stop while waiting for cars in front to realise light had gone green and move off. Also, got her into 6th gear and up to 110km/h for first time. Here, I encountered wind for first time - not too bad really except when turn head to shoulder check. Odd feeling though at that speed on a missile with nothing really in front of you - bars and dash are down at tank level. Anyway, got her home and up the drive without incident, so pretty happy in the end.

    Shows me need to learn the bike just as much as learning how to ride! So, shall be making some training / practice plans to improve my very basic skills and confidence in Jezebel's abilities - as hers far out weigh my own.
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  2. LOL glad no damage mate!

    So many things can cause you unexpected hiccups. I got a pair of Dainese Pony leather pants a week or so back and went out in them. With knee and shin protectors in they make my legs much stiffer than in Kevlar jeans, and I found I didn't unfold legs as quickly as I'm used to when coming up to the first stop, plus I had to slide back off the tank a little to actually touch the ground. Lucky I've been riding for years, so no biggie, but even that half second delay can land you in shit if you're not paying attention...
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  3. I have the same bike, it's a beauty!
    If your interested, I have brand new evetech sliders for the front and rear axles if you are interested.
    Would take $50 for them.
  4. Seems the mirror did that job - seriously not a mark on her otherwise. Very curious
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  5. Hey Bam Bam,

    Can you see what is directly behind you in the rabbit ear mirrors? I can see what is behind to the left and right, but my shoulders block directly behind me and I can't see cars I know are there.

    If so, any advice on how to adjust to get better rear vision?
  6. Head sway. And check often. That way you won't get surprised by something directly behind you ever.
  7. Good idea, I'd have thought though that you should be able to adjust or get different mirrors that you can see what's directly behind you as well.
  8. I have Ducati razor mirrors on my bike with gives better rear view.
    A lot of guys put bars end mirrors on for this reason, then you can rotate them out.

    Guess what, I have a brand new pair for sale! $10 it ya want em!

    image. image.
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  9. ha, you got a lot of spares.
    Have a pick of them on your bike? Can you see cars directly behind you with them?
  10. I tried them and they are definitely better than standard, but I really liked the razor mirrors, so kept them on!

    It's funny, I'm not usually ever selling anything, but I have some stuff taking up save that I'm not using!
    You in Vic?
    You'd be welcome to try them and see if you like em!
  11. the Evotech sliders came with the bike, but I never fitted them.
    You get used to the mirrors.
  12. I'm in BrisVegas unfortunately - not sure why, so ruddy hot! The razors you speak of are the stock ones or an aftermarket?
  13. They are aftermarket Ducati items worth around $220! Lucky for me they came already fitted to the bike.
    Honest opinion, it's not worth that much!
    You get a little extra view, but not much more!
    Be cheaper and better to go bar end, then when you wanna lane split, just fold them in.
  14. My advice, get used to the ones on your bike, and turn your head!
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  15. I'm a complete noob, so shan't be splitting anytime soon. Got more important things to get consistently competent at first - like not dropping my baby!

    If I were to buy, how to do?
  16. Bar end mirrors?
    You just pull out the plug at the end of the bars, then push the new mirrors in and tighten the screw. They is a rubber bung that swishers up when you tighten the screw and holds it there.
    Have a good look at the pic I posted, and you'll see what I mean.
  17. Turning my head for shoulder checks not a problem - do religiously in car and that has transferred to bike thankfully, but can't turn it 180 degrees.
    As I'm a complete noob and have many things to remember to do to be safe I'd like to be able to glance mirror to see what cage behind me is doing - especially as come up on roundabout / intersection where need see what everyone forward of me doing as well while getting front, brake, gears, etc... correct.
    Shall try the head sway to see better in mirror though. Planning little ride in morning for practice before off to the first test(y)
  18. You'll get used it it pretty quick!
    Remember to keep your elbows floppy and you can just move em a bit to see in your mirror better.
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  19. I meant how to buy them from you. Also, don't like look of the rabbit ears - but really is the vision I want
  20. Easy! You can pay me via pay pal, or I can give you bank details.
    I can post them express, you could have them Friday.