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New Money Pit

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Blabbs, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. A full resto awaits this thing of ugliness-


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  2. i like the pale
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  3. Well spotted . .
  4. Struth Blabbs !
  5. WTF is it? Looks like the love child of a threesome between a Paso, Darmah and SS.
  6. Bodywork/fairing looks like a S2 ?
  7. The bevel motor, right-hand drive and frame suggest S2. But i've never seen that swingarm, fairing and wheels on an S2.
  8. Yep,worked with a painter who owns one,his is a stunner.
  9. Yep most Utes are ugly as hell, at least there was a bike in the back of it
  10. View from the other side
  11. The sweet sound of the desmo twin, nothing like it.
  12. FZR front end and Gixxer rear wheel and brake.
    See I told you I love Jappas.
  13. Well... at least you own a ute.
  14. I dont know what you mean by a full resto on such a frankenbike. But I do like it.

    How much does something like this set you back if you dont mind me asking?

    Did you have to pay extra for the bungy cord?
  15. :rofl: this has to be some of Blabbs best work to date.
  16. Here it is ,half through a cosmetic clean up -

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  17. no,all paint.