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New mods for my Street Triple 660

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by wideone3, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. image. image. image. Just installed a few new mods to my street triple 660. I bought some of the rizoma/triumph branded bar end mirrors as one of my mirrors before was basically useless. They were expensive but I bit the bullet and bought them and went on to install them. The hardest part was getting the old mirrors off. I didn't have the right tool and had to take it down to my local garage (luckily 200m away) and they helped me with getting the bot off. Once on they were perfect and gave me as much if not a better range of view than before plus I could see out of both mirrors.
    The second thing I got was a R&G tail tidy. This thing took me literally 2.5 hours to put on due to the wiring and very very poor directions and instructions. It got very fustrating but I eventually got it on.
    The final thing is (have ordered but havnt arrived) shorty levers. I bought some srd Carbon levers as the triumph after market shorties were like $280 and I couldn't make myself pay that when I can get some really decent carbon ones on eBay for half the price.
    The next thing on my list is some heated grips whether that be the Oxford or OEM. Any assistance would be cool if anyone's had experienced with either. I think after that I'm pretty much done.
    Although when I say done we all know that doesn't mean finished. It basically just means there isn't much more you want that you can think of. The moment you walk in that bike shop money seems to fly everywhere.
    Pics below

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  2. Good on ya,piss the bikebiz sticker of and it will look even cooler.
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  3. Neat looking good, I hope that p plate is more visible when you ride it.
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  4. #4 dbrain, Oct 30, 2015
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    Looks good!

    I was considering the tail tidy, but the 2.5 hours and wiring part makes me a bit iffy.
    Do you know if the police have any problems with tail tidies? I guess the plates still visible and the lights are probably the right distance apart.
  5. There are rules about angles of number plate and coverage of back wheel, and I have heard of folk getting booked because of their tail tidies.

    I really don't know if the cops actually go looking for that sort of thing or a rider, pulled up for something else, pisses them off enough that they look for the really "fiddly" excuses for an extra ticket.
  6. Don't you still need a reflector below the plate, even with a tail tidy? Or is that just in Qld?
  7. Also NSW, although it doesn't have to be below the plate, just "somewhere" on back of bike.
  8. I'm not 100% sure on the tail tidy I just put it on and bought from the local bike shop (he said i wouldn't get booked for it). So I'm hoping that's all good. The mirrors are way better than stock, well at least the stock ones I had. But I guess the only way to find out about the tail tidy with the cops is to test it. Got a few more mods to go 3g heated grips and other stuff. Appologise for the spelling if there is any I'm rather tipsy right now. My typing ability is not bad though.
  9. Wideone3, triple riders don't use the word tipsy it's not good for the image,
    Have a few more jars and go straight to smashed.
  10. I think I typed drunk and then tried to sound more posh with tipsy. I'll take that advice on board next time
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  11. I just got my street triple the other week and fitted the genuine bar end mirrors on Tuesday makes a huge difference over the standard mirrors. Just a question with the r&g tail tidy do the factory indicators bolt on directly onto the tail tidy or did they require extra brackets? I was looking to purchase the r&g one but was told by the shop only the led indicators fitted and required extra brackets and so on but I think they were just trying to get the sale on the $140 led indicators. I ended up going with the evotech tail tidy.
  12. Hey man. Yeah ive basically bought every single extra you can buy for my st660 so far. The R&g tail tidy goes fine with the stock indicators. That's basically just your local shop trying to get you to spend an extra $150 plus a lot extra in time. Personally I didn't go for the led indicators as I prefer the bigger,more visible stock ones but it's completely personal preference.
    Currently I've got the flyscreen, belly pan, the triumph branded bar end mirrors, carbon clutch and break levers, engine protection/sliders, carbon rear hugger, competition werkes exhaust. Pretty much nothing else I can buy. It's good and bad. Bad because I like customising my bike. Then good because it stops me spending thousands :). But yeah lemme know if I can help with anything else ur gonna add on :p
  13. Thanks for the reply mate, I agree with the stock indicators being more visible and the led ones seem a waste. I did receive the arrow exhaust and frame sliders last week which have been fitted and tuned. I've been looking to purchase clutch & brake levers but havnt decided on what ones to get yet the genuine triumph ones I havn't seen any carbon ones yet will have to google and see whats out there.
  14. Yeah if your looking for some brake and clutch levers, eBay will be your best bet. The triumph branded ones will set you back $300 while my carbon (sdr I think) were $140 and look and feel really nice.
    Yeah the arrow exhaust seemed nice and I like the way it goes with the existing lines of the bike but being a younger fella noise is my best friend (not obnoxiously loud) so yeah i went with an exhaust a bit louder + cheaper. Not sure if I'm down for buying anything else tbh. The factory quick shifter would always be nice but I have a feeling it might make me lazy and I enjoy shifting plus the money doesn't make the decision any more swayed.
    Enjoy the bike!