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New Mirror

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by deadman, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. A while back I fitted new Chinese Mirrors and indicators to my Bird,
    On one of the runs, The left hand mirror decided it wanted to fall off, and it did,
    So I got onto the dealer and sent them piccys of the failed Mirror,
    It was definately a Manufacturers fault as the casting was only half what it should be,
    The dealer wanted $10-00 for delivery of a new one, Bugga that, You sold me a faulty mirror,
    Any way after a few months riding around with the mirror tied to my fairing,
    I decided to get a new set of mirrors exactly the same as the original ones but from a different dealer,
    For $30-00 a set, I bought the new set and I will have one for spare,
    They came yesterday and I am very pleased with them, They certainly know how to pack them for a safe journey,
    New Mirrors and indicators 001. New Mirrors and indicators 004. New Mirrors and indicators 006. New Mirrors and indicators 007. New Mirrors and indicators 008. New Mirrors and indicators 009.

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  2. $30!!! they look like $200 mirrors, very nice.
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  3. Bird mirrors, OEM are $230-00 Each,