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N/A | National New Minister for Sport is a motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Pity it isn't the Minister for Roads, or the Chief Commissioner of Police, or even the Attorney General maybe..

    It's a start.
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  2. Why do the MRA always look like homeless people?


    I like her, instant credibility for not being another cruiser rider. Now I just hope she can take those boots to the Minister for Transport.
  3. A comment from Pete Major (MRA ACT)

    Kate and her family are keen to say the least off-road enthusiasts. She is an avid supporter of motorcycling in the ACT and a regular at ALL fund raisers. She has a DRZ 250 and the family are active members of the DSMRA and have a raft of enduro and MX bikes. I might add she was the mover behind the scenes to get the DSMRA and the MRA in the front door to get an off road riding facility in the ACT, a task still in progress.
  4. Im hoping for another reshuffle......................Kate for PM :p.
  5. Politicians - always shufflin
  6. She'd probably fit right in here...

    She's a motorcyclist and she has a very strong interest in IT

    and she's spoken against Conroy's efforts on Internet censorship.

  7. OK, she's got a dirt bike, so how about a few donuts on the turf roof of parliament house?

    Or maybe getting booked for straightlining some of those Canberra roundabouts :twisted:.