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New Michelin Pilot Road 3 delivered $419

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Takamii, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. bought some Michelin pilot road 3's of ebay seller for $419 delivered

    They arrived within 5 days - which I was happy with

  2. Do you need to get them fitted? Need a hand? We have a wheel balancer now....
  3. I get PR3's for $350each set if I buy two sets from Jake Wilson in the US. Team Moto fits them for $450 in sydney also.
  4. Got my last set fitted for 390 in Sydney.
  5. yes need to have them fitted thanks but the bikes in redback getting fixed

    $350 a set delivered to your door ? thats very cheap

    190 rear

    for Michelin Pilot road 3 or 2 ?

    anyway i am not in Sydney or Melbourne so prices are higher in regional centres
  6. Most importantly they are an awesome tyre, you wont be dissapointed!
  7. 3. The place is near Campbelltown.
  8. Okay lets do the sums

    for me to go to Campbeltown will cost me about $35 in fuel and about 6 hours return trip including fitting etc

    so 390 (tyres fitted ) + 35 ( fuel ) = $425

    As opposed to 419 (tyres) plus 30 fitting = $ 449

    A difference of $24 dollars saving for a 6 hour return trip

    which means I would value my time at $4 per hour

    No thank you - it is not viable for me to do that
  9. $350 a set delivered is from Jake wilson and is 180 rear, but as I said, you have to buy two sets, just one set in the 190's would be closer to what you paid. They use fedex and they are fast, within one week from US.

    I fit and balance myself.

  10. $30.00 to strip /fit & balance two wheels ? Great deal or are they friends with benefits lol

  11. You paid way to much for them........I could of helped with this......
  12. oh well - I had no idea of the going rate - a friend said they were good value based on what he had paid in Sydney - and I am a tyre numpty
  13. i had PR3s put on from team moto at blacktown. they had it advertised at $449 fitted, any size, on their website. lol while i was waiting, i saw an ad in the new cycle torque magazine of them selling em for $429 fitted.

    only done about 50 odd kays, but you can feel the difference over the stock bt56 i had on my bike.
  14. My early impression of the PR3 (rear) is that it is a worthwhile improvement over the PR2.

    It seems to be a beaut tyre so far.
  15. I have done about 14,000 klm's on mine and they still have a way to go, very happy with the PR3
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  16. My first impression of the PR3's was that they are "cushiony".

    Anyone else share that impression?
  17. On the sprint, I felt like they gave me more grip than the tyres that were fitted from the factory (BT023's), especially in the wet.

    They didn't feel cushiony to me.

    They felt bloody horrible after 14,000km for me. They were pretty squared off though, even with all the twisty stuff I was riding regularly.
  18. +1 for Jake Wilson and DIY.

    There's enough personal imports imports into AU that the local wholesalers here have dropped their prices/margins, at least that's what I've heard.

    The new PR3 would need to be way better than the last set of PR2's I had; they wore very poorly especially the front. The earlier PR2 (made in a different factory/country) were great tyres.