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New menber

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sean fitzgerald, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Hi people, i have just got back into riding after a break of 35 years(kids they get in the way)so I brought a new Honda 500cbr, its due its first service(1000km)and Peter Stevens have quoted around the $350 mark, is this average or is there somewhere the forum recommends , thanks for you input in advance

  2. Welcome aboard :] cant help price wise on the quote but it doesn't sound outrageous to me. If you're happy with it, id get at least the first one done there then look around
  3. Bike servicing generally is more expensive than car servicing. Tyres even more so...
  4. Welcome to the forum.. What part of town are you in , might make it easier to suggest something local to you.

  5. Welcome, sounds ok but a bit more than my Aprilia service, so may be worth getting a few other quotes.
  6. I took my cbr300 to the dealer (syd city motorcycles) for 1000km service about 2 months ago, cost approx $280 inc new clutch lever as mine had broken when I dropped him (oops!) not sure if that figure is much use to you....
  7. Welcome to NR..