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New Membership Cards

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Folks, finally, after much mucking around, the New Netrider Membership cards are finally going out to all new members.


    For those that wish to obtain/upgrade to a new card can do so via the merchandise page.


  2. Great stuff, it looks heaps better.
  3. How come my new replacemet card says I've only been a member of netrider since 2007? :-s
  4. 'cos you're not Jason Allen, and even if you are, you're not THE Jason Allen :LOL:.
  5. Looks good! :)
  6. Apologies grasshopper, an oversight.

    The 2007 is a static image on the card. Another thing I need to remember to do when doing replacement cards.

    I can make another for you, but It won't get done till after I get back from Tassie.
  7. Vic, press play for me on this page will you please :p
  8. k if i want a new m'ship card... when checking out, can i delete p&h coz i ain't paying $9,50 for u to put that in the mail lol
  9. I meant to bring this point up ages ago...

    Why do we members need to know what the benefits of being a member entitles us to? I mean, shouldn't we already know the member benefits before committing to become a member... or at least have a fair idea...

    my 2¢.

    I'd rather see discount partners on the back. That way I know when I should whip it out - the card not the member!! :wink:
  10. how do we get one guys???
  11. AHHH No worries confucious :) No hurry.
    But if I have to pay postage again don't worry about it. I'll send you a zone 1 and 2 metcard and you can just put it on the 17:55 Werribee to Flinders street train (carriage 1 will be fine). I think that'll work out cheaper :LOL:

    From here https://netrider.net.au/?page=merchandise :wink: :)

    edit: BTW I found my old card today it was under the seat in the bike. Fark know's how it got there. Oh well I got a new flash looking one now :)
  12. That's a good idea, but discount partners come and go... you'd have to update your card weekly...

    I'm with you there Benno, won't be paying $9.50 for that to be mailed out :p

    Also don't want to put a purchase through on the credit card for $3.50... Vic can I order one and just pick it up from you at the horse piddle :?:
  13. Yes, you have the option to delete the P&H during the checkout phase.
    Just make sure you enter your pickup details in the appropriate box also during checkout phase.
  14. membership card

    My membership pack arive on Friday, Looks Great guys. Now to look for netrider partners in Brisbane Qld.