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New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tjsmith1979, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. :shock:

    Hi I am Trev. I am a 28 y/o from Southbank, Vic

    I never thought that I was interested in getting a motorbike before and probably only went for my L's over 4 months back as an experience to try but have to admit after that weekend, I was hooked after that weekend and just wish that I had done it sooner.

    I have just got passed my licence test less than a fortnight ago with HART and start to think about buying my first bike soon. Can anyone recommend anything ?

    I love the look of the Black Hyosung GT250R and the price is defeintely right.

    Just need to find out what they are like to ride and for people just starting out as I want to be a much better and safe rider on the road.

  2. I have a black Why-so-hung on the floor for you.
  3. hey welcome to the forum, i had a hyosung as one of my learner bikes, read my intro as im also new for a little bit about it :grin:
  4. Thanks for the Welcome Blue14 and for sending through the link to one of the forums for me.

    Yes I know it is a very popular topic about the Hyosung GT250R but it seems like a good bike but hard to know until you really see how it suits me as a rider, the other bike I would seriously look at would be the Honda VTR250