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new Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Dogo, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Hi

    Im Dave from Melb - doing the typical new member thing.

    I'm a car enthusiast with a growing interest in bikes. Particularly cruisers.
    I drooled over a Rocket III in the carpark at work and caught the bug

    Going to get my Ls soon but I don't know anyone who can ride so I'll do one of the pre-learner courses. Can someone recommend one ?

    Have been doing my research and after shorting I think I'll get a Yamaha V-Star 250 ( XVS250 ). But feedback or other suggestions are welcome
    I'm about 6 foot tall.

    Looking forward to meeting some local members.
  2. Hi Dave MSN3DWave.

    I did the 2-day Ls course at HART. I was very happy with the instructors, but they didn't teach countersteering until Ps. Of course, that was 16months ago. Things might have changed since then.

    Countersteering helps you get around corners, which you'll do some of that naturally anyway, but if you don't know how it works and do it for tighter manouvers, you can't dodge around things really quickly... Kind of a useful skill, especially in traffic.
  3. Thanks

    Hey is that a Mazda 323 Astina in your avatar ?
  4. Welcome

    Hi Dave

    Welcome to NR :) I just got my Ls about 2-3 weeks ago. I would recommend Armstrong's at Thomastown. I took up the 9-hour Leaners Course with having absolutely no previous experience on a motorbike. The instructors were very friendly and professional, made my whole learning experience very enjoyable. They taught us countersteering, where most of the other places don't.

    Good luck with getting your Ls!! :grin:

    P/s: Sorry i can't post up Armstrong's website here... NR Forum requires me to have at least 5 posts before i can do that :p
  5. Yes, that's my "bike" at the moment :oops: . She's a good little car. Just doesn't split or lean so easily.

    EDIT: This Armstrongs? http://www.armdrive.com.au/ :)
  6. welcome.

    where in melb are you from?

    and also what type of cars are you into?

  7. I own as Astina ( hence the question ) - it was my first car and its had a bit of an overhaul - I didn't leave it alone for long.

    I've dropped in a better engine and added a performance upgrades, its had a complete suspension upgrade, the interior has been retrimmed and some modifications fabricated into the dash. I complete in car audio sound quality competitions - so the system is fairly sweet. I've tried not to follow the big ridiculous ricer look, but it does subtle-ish body kit - which is custom made.
    Its quick enough and the great handling makes it fun to drive.

    So thats what keeps me busy but Im into muscle cars mainly - hot rods, big block engines etc. I've assisted with dyno shootouts at Easternats etc.

    Its a hobby - I'm a keen DIY/garage mechanic type of person. I've taken a car which is fairly plain but not too common and made it fast and fun.
    I work on friends cars a fair bit.

    Im in the SE suburbs - I spend most of my time in South Melbourne, Caulfield or Vermont
  8. k. im into fords... done a few things to the old fairlane...but shes a peice of shit atm everything going wrong that you could think of
  9. :shock: Wow! Mine's just stock standard + tinted windows. Wanna swap? :LOL:
  10. I like fords - well I'd choose one over Holden anyway.

    I'd love a new Mustang or an old XY GT 351

    a friend runs an EA Falcon with a turbo-ed straight 6 from an XF in it.

    Last I heard his personal best was 9.96 sec 1/4 mile - recorded officially at Calder Park

    damn fast.
  11. Hi dave,

    i did my L's test 2 weeks ago at HART in tullamarine, 2 day learner course and got my licence at the end. It's a great place to start according to what ive heard its the only place around that has the 2 day learner course u spend most of your time riding around n learning to balance the bike i think its 10 practical(riding) over the 2 days and about 3 hours of theory.

    All good stuff to know to ive been ridin a dirt bike for a few months prior to this but a lot of the things they told us is stuff i didnt know and little tips to make it easier for yourself that u just wouldnt think of.

    Def! look into it there as they are really good n friendly u can talk to them all u want, they will give u heaps of advise. i went with a friend on the weekend over the 2 day course it cost $270 but if u do it during the week and bring a mate along u get a $50 discount.

    HART is the place to go if you have little or no previous riding experience.
  12. being as ur in south east an all. check out motorcycle motion in moorabbin. cost $165 and were pretty good. but you need to know how to ride a little before hand. or its $225 i think for the from scratch course.

    just do a search for motorcyclemotion on google and youll find it.

    btw i think everyone in theyre right mind would like an XY GT

  13. Hello and welcome... newbie here too. Only got my Ls 2 months ago? Loving every minute of it. Maybe not today though... as it seems to be damned windy out there.

    Car enthusiast also. Got me a 1984 Toyota Supra that's not really stock anymore apart from the panels, chassis and gearbox :wink:

    Enjoy your stay.
  14. aarghh

    choosing a bike is hard.

    everytime I look I seem to change my mind.

    I like the look of the Yamaha V-Star 250 but then I read on here it's engine is lacking in power compared to the other 250 cruisers.

    so I go back to my shortlist :

    Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator
    Suzuki VL250 Intruder
    Honda VT250C
    Hyosung GV250
    Yamaha vstar 250

    the eliminator is supposed to be the most powerful but Im not keen on its looks. the Intruder and vstar are still my faves. The hyosung isnt tooo bad I guess.

    back to window shopping ...
  15. hi all,

    just joined netrider booked in 4 L's on monday week
    very excite!

    love all forms of machinery, into cars mainly
    gotta Jag XJ6 S1, S2 XJC and a whole hoard of others down to about 6 at the moment i think :roll:
  16. welcome borat
    insult its colour scheme at your peril...

    enjoy your sexy time here on netrider. and get a bike already ya big girls blouse.
  17. well i would but i'm trying not to find one with a floral paint scheme like ur's
    cheers man i'm up to 2 posts!
  18. Welcome aboard. :grin:
  19. Hi and welcome.

    I got my L's with Armstongs. We covered all the basics including coutersteering and going around roundabouts. Fun! However I did realise the 9h course wasn't enough to make me feel confident. Anyway I havn't got a bike as yet so im heading to HART for a practice ride tomorrow at Tulla.
    Booking in with HART for the full licence on the 28th of Sep. Special for $205.00 Wuhu.

    So, good luck on getting the L's!

  20. thanks for the advice.

    Had a sit on the Suzuki and the Hyosung today. The Suzuki looked great and was comfortable to sit on - I might get that. Was a good price too !