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new member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by henno, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. hey guys my name is brad, firstly i would like to say what a great forum u have here and a bunch of enthusiastic guys/gals u have in it.i own an fz1 and i am very keen to go for a tour/ride with some of u guys/gals in the future. i have looked at some of your rides and they sound great.i am really keen as i only have a couple of biker mates here in newcastle and they dont seem to be as energetic as me lol. hope to see u all soon!!!!!

    brad :grin:

  2. Welcome Brad.

    Always good to see some more riders in Newcastle. Nice bike!
  3. thx squash. we will have to meet up and go for a ride with these guys sometime. most of my weekends are free so i am able to go just about anywhere my bike will carry me lol :grin: . most of there rides seem to be south or south west sydney which is fine, but i was not looking foward to riding back after a long day to newi by myself. :(
  4. welcome to the netrider family....
  5. I'm definitely keen for some rides, I just wish people organized some up here. I don't think I could handle a ride to Sydney and back just yet. I might have organize one I think. :p
  6. hey brad welcome to netrider join us while we speek our miine :p
  7. Welcome to Netrider, Brad.

    If our Sydney experience is any indicator, you guys will need to plug away for a few months organsing stuff, and eventually, more people will get involved. But there are some great rides to the west and north of Newcastle; post up a ride or two and go do them....