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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TattooedOz, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all, im rob, ive been to this site a few times in the past but decided to join and make a post.
    I got my L's around may last year and bought a bike a week later after a few weeks of shopping around.
    I ended up getting a black 06 model 250vstar, was looking foward to getting my p's a few months later then i lost my job, here i am now still on my L's.........so sad hey. i weigh around 150kgs so this little cruiser isnt the greatest, but i still like it too much to get rid of it when i finally upgrade.

    cant wait to learn more from all you guys, especially on making this little cruiser run better.

  2. hey mate!

    bloody hell this place must get a fair few members :p i signed up just tonight as well. gettin my Ls n a bike soon :)

    Rob (i am also Rob lol)
  3. Hi Rob - welcome :)

    Any chance you could sell your baby, and with that money pay for your Ps and an older larger bike? Can't have you missing out! :(
  4. #4 TattooedOz, Feb 28, 2007
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    i guess that would be possible pinkxie, but then i wouldnt have anything to legally ride lol
    I dont drive so i rely on my bike.
  5. Welcome Rob's :grin:
  6. Welcome to NR :newb: 's
  7. :shock: 150kgs :shock: You must be straining the 2fiddy!

    Welcome mate have fun,
  8. Welcome Rob. At least you can still ride. Good luck getting financial
  9. i might be straining it a little, it reaches 110-120 with me on it, its just getting there sometimes that lags, most of the power is 70 and under.
  10. hey rob
    i like your username, are you covered in tatts or do you just have a few.
  11. so far one on my leg, one on my arse, 4 that cover most of both forearms, 2 on my upper arm and one on the side of my neck
  12. i got my arms done mainly tribal from soulder down , my kids names are also there would love to go up onto the neck but i think my wife would leave me if i just came home with it :LOL:
  13. maybe take her with you to get it :-k
  14. she aint into tatts at all but i dont complain when she wants to get another piercing