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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Renee, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Hi everybody,
    went on my first ride with the adelaide net riders last wed arvo. what a fabulous bunch of people they are. to my amazement they were so full of praise and encouragement (as i am a learner). have only had my L's for 4 months. have had a few rides in the hills already and i am really starting to enjoy it, although it is still alot of hard work concentrating and focusing on what line to take round corners. but as they say Little baby steps.
    well happiness and be safe to you all.
    hope to see you out on the roads
    Luv Renee

  2. welcome renee.....
  3. Hi and welcome, Renee :)
  4. Welcome to the friendly forums Renee :grin:
  5. Welcome renee and have fun :grin:
  6. welcome mate, was a pleasure to ride with you last wednesday!
  7. Welcome, Renee. Glad the guys have welcomed you well in person already. Top stuff for joining in. Sounds like you did well!
  8. Welcome Renee, hope you enjoy.
  9. Welcome renee :)
    what kinda bike you ride?
  10. Hi there

    i ride a zzr 250 Kawasaki

    its a grewat bike to start on. lots of people say to me oh my god how do you ride that bike?? it is because it looks bigger than it is as there is heaps of fairings. but little do they know it is only a 250 (he he )

    cant wait to get my full licence and i want to upo grade to a triumph 675
    man those bikes are sweet, sexy and have glass and heaps of tourqe.

    catch ya
  11. Hi Renee and welcome enjoy :)
  12. welcome renee :grin:
  13. i will try to crop some pics down to put them in the garage
    might take me couple of days have some uni lectures to catch
    up on.