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New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Removed_User4, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone

    Im new to Netrider, just thought I'd drop a line to introduce myself to everyone. If any one wants to write a hello/ invite me for a ride, your most welcome to. Antony

  2. Now come on Antony, you know the rules....

    No-one likes a smartee

    :LOL: Welcome to Netrider, where you don't have to be very smart to be smarter than most of us :)
  3. Paul are you serious? When we were kids everyone loved them. Candy covered chocolate...Hhhmmm... some people must have had a deprived childhood :)
  4. Just kidding, mate, part of rolling out the old welcome mat....

    Yeah, I love smarties too, but my heart specialist has an entirely different view of them :LOL:
  5. Cheers Paul

    Thanks for the welcoming...maybe I shoud have named myself SMARTARSE
  6. Welcome smarteeee...
    I prefer m&m's
  7. Hi

    Thanks for the welcome...isnt he Jewish?

    Small children have pronounced my name as Aunt Fanny
  8. Hi Smarteeee,

    Is that spelt with four or five E's? :p

    Welcome again! Hope you enjoy your stay :)

  9. Welcome, aunt fanny. :LOL:
  10. Welcome Smarteee
  11. It took me a few secs, but I got it!

    Welcome Smarteeeeee. Hope you enjoyed looking at all the bikes at the Toy Run.
  12. Welcome Smarteeee, hope you enjoy the ride.
  13. Hey Smarteeee, and welcome :)