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New Member

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dannyg1985, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. hi Guys & Gals im a new member to the forum but ever since i purchased my bike i have been coming back here and getting help reading other peoples problems!
    thought i might be worh joining up and i was right.

    So just a hello from me!

  2. You just wanted the 5 posts so you could pm lordtb ;) :LOL:

    Welcome to netrider and there are lots of problems you can read about on these forums :)
  3. hey mate, welcome to the ste.
    cheers clint
  4. LoL yes need the 5 posts to PM, but i think i will SMS him newayz
  5. two that can now pm with 5 posts eheheh

    Greetings to both of ya's :newb:
  6. welcome mate
    where abouts are you??
  7. welcome peoples!... enjoy the site..
  8. hey mate welcome, any pics of ur bike.. ?
  9. Welcome danny, where are you so we know what rides to invite you on??
  10. Hey, and welcome to the nuthouse. :beer:
  11. ta, im from melb (tullamarine area).

    got no pics atm as i just stacked the bike on friday night. speaking to lordtb get some new fairings, and wondering if i should respray the whole bike.. or just keep it the same?