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new member

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by f4600, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. hi all,
    i'm new to this forum , i own a cbr 600 f4 which i only just recently purchased,just wanted to find out if there are any others out there that share this model and there thoughts on the bike.
    cheers mick :D

  2. Welcome Mick.

    You should get some comments about the bike soon, can't guarantee they'll be serious tho!

  3. Welcome Mick. Enjoy the ride.
  4. G'day Mick.

    I'm interested in any comments about the F4 (including your own) - I was thinking it might be a good bike to upgrade to when I eventually move on from the mighty Across.
  5. Gromit,

    Make sure you do the right thing when you move on and don't forget to recycle. Can i suggest Simms Metal :LOL:
  7. damn another one of them hhhhhhhoooooooooooo........ other bike riders :)
    Welcome to the forums, sense of humour at times is needed.
    Phanoogy or finger boy i would say has the same bike Mick
  8. At least it makes a better motorcycle than a boat anchor. :p

    Though after it's been with me for another year, Sims'll probably reject it! :LOL:
  9. So did I untill I realised I couldn't reach the ground on one!! ](*,) :facepalm:
  10. My finger eating bike is an F2 (1993) but i still love it! o yea welcome to the forums!
  11. Welcome Mick.

    Yelloweagle has one now as well.....
  12. welcome Mick... nice bike, a mate of mine has one (2003) and I don't find it and worse through the bars than my gixxer.... Maybe you ride it to slow! :p
  13. Heya Mick :D
    Welcome welcome :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  14. Welcome Mickker. I like that CBR600, possibly my next bike after my current one.
  15. Welcome Mick, Asking that question could certainly open a can of worms :D
  16. Thinks evil thoughts of what to say in reply :twisted:

    then sees what he rides...HAH! :wink:

    JJ (don't pick on a fellow OFARC, we'll hit you with our pension cards)
  17. A close to brand new F4i that's been professionally lowered (owned by an oompa loompa) might be available. PM if your interested :)
  18. sbk 750,
    funny you should say that ,a mate also told me that once your buzzing around the 13 grand mark the last thing you notice are the vibes,your mates 2003 is also fuel injected mine is carbs,so his could be a little smoother. :D
  19. Welcome aboard Mick, hope to meet you on a ride soon, take care out there,