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New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fury, May 1, 2016.

  1. Hey Guys,

    New around here.
    Just got my L's 2 weeks ago, and have been bike shopping.
    Have tried the Honda CB650F and Yamaha MT07.
    2 really different bikes!
    Really liked the MT07 and looking at getting one.

    Hoping to join the conversation and learn lots around bikes and riding :)


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  2. Who, What, When, Why, How?
  3. Howdy furyfury and welcome to NR. What ever bike you choose, you're going to have lots of fun. Even changing your mind about bikes is a delicious dilemma! What state are you in?

    furyfury, JustusJustus is referring to Tyson Fury the boxer. :ROFLMAO: JustusJustus....a tad too askance for most. Including me if I didn't think to google it.
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  4. I'm indecisive enough as is :p
    I've sat on a few 300's and didn't find them comfortable.
    The MT07 has by far been the most comfortable to sit on so far.
    Open to other suggestions as well.

    Oh and I'm in Melbourne.
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  5. Awesome! Don't forget to try to get to Saturday practice in Elwood then. Here's the link to the thread.


    I have no other suggestions for you regarding bikes as it is simply a matter of sitting on everything available to see what would suit you as we are all so different.
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  6. Welcome. Also, Honda cb400 is wicked comfortable and somehow legal for a learner to ride.
  7. Welcome to riding! Your new expensive and all consuming hobby! :cool:

    The MT-07 is one of the best learner bikes out there at the moment - very capable and nimble. If you get that, it will last you a while before you need to upgrade!
  8. gday furyfury welcome to NR!
  9. Welcome to the forum dude
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome guys :)
  11. Welcome aboard :)
  12. Welcome furyfury
  13. Welcome to NR furyfury

    As above, Saturday practice sessions is the Place to be...

    Have you got your gear sorted out?
  14. G'day, MT07 looks pretty cool, I hadn't seen one before.
  15. Welcome to NR. Can't help with what bike to buy, but I have read a report about the Yam 07 and liked the report.
  16. Well I bit the bullet and put down a deposit on an MT-07 ex-demo today.
    Pick it up on Saturday.

    I'm still in the process of sorting out gear.
    My brother is loaning me his helmet (Shoei XR1100) for the short term, as well as gloves and a jacket (which is marginally too big).
    The helmet fits really well, I was actually looking at a Shoei GT Air prior to this, although am between that and the Shark Vision-R or Speed-R.
    I'll need to organise a jacket, pants and boots fairly quickly though. Open to suggestions / recommendations for comfy/safe gear.

    I'll definitely be down to one of the Saturday learner sessions. Will just need to find the time to squeeze it in :)
  17. Congrats!! You'll love it! :D

    IN regards to the helmet - I've had all of the ones you've mentioned - go with the Shoei GT-Air. It is marginally noisier than then Sharks - However it has by far the best anti-fog / defogging on the market, and also the dark visor does not distort your vision. The shark one has a slight distortion which may seem a bit weird depending on the angle of your vision.

    Happy riding!
  18. My personal opinion - opt for a Shoei.

    Peter Stevens might still have a few Shoei helmets left on sale. I bagged one at almost half price last year. I'm on my second TZX and just love it.

    If you don't wear glasses, try Bell helmets. They are good too.

    Try AMX to get some good jackets / boots and as Game of Thrones keep on repeating, 'winter is coming' - make sure to invest in some inner thermals as well.

    Winter riding is a lot of fun if you're dressed warmly so don't NOT ride due to low temperatures...

    Don't forget to buy a neck warmer and ear plugs too...

    Have fun.

  19. Sadly PS don't have any GT Airs in my size on special.
    Not quite prepaired to fork out $900 on a helmet.
    The internal sun visor is a key feature that i want though.

    I had a quick look at AMX and wasnt that sold on their gear. Will have to go back for another look and try some stuff on.