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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Geoffc, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Hi guys ,
    My name is Geoff I live in Newcastle NSW I have a 2013 Victory Cross Roads Classic that I have done some customising too including candy paint , hard bags, forged Highway bars, led lights on the bags, extra chrome ,stage one pipes and tune plus 2`` pull back handle bars with heated grips, Light bars and custom top box.
    I have been riding motor bike since I was 16 so now I`am just about too turn 61 I guess you could say I am hooked on bikes. I don't have any one brand that I love over others . I have owned mostly Jap super bikes, a BMW RT1100, a scooter that I hated lol, then I bought my first cruiser a Suzuki CT 50 before buying my current bike the Victory. The victory is in the work shop being repaired from April storm damage after it was blown over. I am thinking of buying a 2013 BMW K1600 GTL too replace it with 30,000 klms and a fussy one owner. Any feed back on the BMW would be great as far as good verses bad.

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  2. Anyone with a BMW K1600 GTL have feed back regards any real; issues thanks .

  3. Welcome to the forum mate.

    TWEETTWEET - Don't you have a K1600?
  4. Yes George I do. Heli does also, and I think one other from Darwin.

    GT/GTL, the issues will depend on what year. If you are buying a new one, most all of the real issues have been ironed out.

    If buying a 2011-late 2013(pre 14 models), then switch blocks which get stiff or stop working on both sides are not uncommon, BMW issued a recall on them and many have already had them replaced. I have had 1 right side replaced, then oddly even though nothing was wrong with it, the right was changed per dealer recall at the next service.
    My left hasn't had an issue, but it is getting a little stiff on the wonderwheel, so I will get it replaced next service.
    Water pumps leaking was a very common issue on early bikes, and several who had theirs replaced, had to get the replacement replaced, and in some cases even 3rd and 4th ones replaced.
    The 14 models have had very few failures since re-design compared to older pre 14's.

    Some very early 11-12 models had significant driveline lash, and some people had a class action win to get BMW to replace gearboxes. This is a non-issue on later ones.
    No final drive failures that I've heard of.

    If you read the forums you will find quite a few complainants, but of course you only hear from the unhappy people. There are thousands of these bikes that have been trouble free, and I would offer that the number of unhappy campers is relatively small overall. They are a fantastic machine, the design and performance defies logic. They have every option possible, and some very cool features no other machine has like the adaptive headlight, and that inline 6 engine, and BMW inline 6's are things of legend.
  5. Welcome Geoff - also from Newcastle area!
  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. G'day Geoff, welcome to the forum.
  8. welcome and enjoy the riding :cat:
  9. G'day Geoff from another Geoff in the Deep South
  10. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  11. Welcome to NR
  12. Thanks guys and also thanks, Tweet for the info. I was looking at a 2013 with low klms on it and a great price how ever I am leaning towards a new 2015 model as they are reduced buy around $3,500. at the moment. I will make my mind up within the next 2 days . The Victory is still being repaired and waiting for parts from the USA which should here half way through next month. If the dealership will trade it in while it is waiting for it to be fixed I will do the deal asap.
    Cheers and thanks guys.
  13. Cool we might be able to arrange ride soon.