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New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Steviegee, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow riders
    My name is Stephen and l am a new member l current ride a Suzuki GS500F and have my eye on a Yamaha FZ6R as my upgrade in the next couple of months. l am located in Melbourne Victoria and have come back to riding after a long absence due to marital and children commitments. Now single and on my P's for the next 3 years l am looking forward to meeting a group of guys and girls who love to arrange rides. l love Beach Rd Melbourne and frequently cruise from Cheltenham to Port Melbourne and back and the other direction to Frankston just to enjoy the ride and the cleansing of my mind when l ride. Look forward to joining groups for long rides soon.


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  2. Indeed, welcome, and I second the motion for you to get along to the Basic Skills session. You'll learn heaps of useful stuff, and get to meet some nice people (AND Uncle Greg)!!
  3. Welcome back to 2 wheels, mate.

    Sat practice is a great place to reconnect with the bike community, in person.

    Highly recommend it.
  4. Hi Steve,

    Welcome to NR. Great place to meet new riders.

    Is that a RS125 on your avatar?
  5. Thank you for the positive response and yes it is an Aprilla 125 l needed a photo and chose the Aprilla l will be updating once l get settled thanks to all the responses to go to the Saturday morning class once l fix my bike after a stupid driver cut me off in a shopping centre car park l will definitely be at the Saturday class
    See you all there soon
  6. Welcome to NR...

    +1 to Saturday practice....
  7. Hey there and welcome