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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by str33tf1ght3r, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone - I am new here, initially with the idea to asking for advice and then depending on that advice you provide you may see me on here a bit more often.

    A bit about me first - I am a 41 yr old male who lives in Canberra with my partner and 3 kids (14, 3, 3). I am a keen dirt bike rider and a novice scuba diver. I am 183 cm and about 100 kg.

    The reason for my post is because I am considering selling the dirt bike and moving to road bikes. I have ridden dirt bikes since my early 20s and would consider myself as a slightly above average rider. These days with a young family i am finding myself with less time to take a day out to go riding as well as having less fitness to enjoy a day out riding.

    I have always had some reservations about road bikes which has kept me away from them primarily because of the risks of other vehicles on the road. The last time I rode a road bike was back in 2006 and it was a VFR750 which I did enjoy. My other concern is that despite having ridden for many years, taking to a road bike will be like starting all over again.
  2. Welcome mate. Just remember you can't go over the cars...;-)

    What sort of bike are you looking at?
  3. LOL - yeah I'll have to becareful of that...riding over cars will just hurt me I think :)

    re what sort of bike, I have put a post into the New riders thread, but generally I am seeking some advice in this space. I am looking for a commute/day ride bike. Saying that I did see a GSXR 750 for sale which I liked the look of
  4. I'll go to the other post....
  5. Welcome to NR..
  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. welcome aboard :]