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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by s1000rider, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Hi to all netriders,

    After reading the posts over the last few weeks I decided to join the forum. Our Wednesday I done that and after almost 40 replies I realized that I haven't introduced myself yet.

    I have been riding for 4+ years almost everyday. I have began riding some 12 years ago but then stopped riding until 4 years ago.

    Having a bike is like music to the soul. Complete freedom, joy, excitement and fear all in One!

    Simply love it more and more.

    Over the years I had the following bikes:

    97 HONDA cbr 250rr back in 2001
    2011 Honda cbr 250rr
    2012 Honda cbr500r - in garage to be replaced in feb/early March by my latest purchase
    2015 BMW s1000rr tri color (BMW motorsport)

    I love riding, sharing ideas, experience and stories. I like helping new riders or people in general.
    Must admit I find the forum so addictive that I will be sharing my photos, experiences and videos soon.
    Also eager to try few track days early next year!

    4 wheels move the body 2 wheels move your soul
  2. Well welcome to NR anyway. You have a real mix of bike to pick from.
  3. 4 wheels move the body 2 wheels move your soul

    Thank Eric. I forgot to mention that I sold my 97 250rr and 2012 250r.

    In Feb next year when I am due to pick up the beemer I will sell my 500r and just keep the new bike
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    Last edited: Dec 6, 2014
    Welcome. I see a worrying habit of Honda ownership in your history. Now cured thankfully.

    Looking forward to comparing bikes next week if you make it to the ride.

    <<K1300R rider with full Akro race system.

    *Bugger just realised you haven't got the BMW yet.
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Welcome to NR...
  7. Warm welcome to NR, thanks for joining and helping out new riders!
  8. Thanks guys...

    WOMBLE I WISH but, I just spoke to the dealer and it will be earliest March/April before I'm able to collect the bike. This is despite being one of the first to order one
  9. Very well said! I will be looking forward to reading your posts, seeing your photos, watching your videos and learning from your experience :) And, unfortunately, you do have to wait longer for very good things in life, especially as cool as your new s1000rr. Welcome to NR
  10. Thank you Fr33dm and yes it is only few months wait but I still have the cbr500r to play With!
  11. Welcome mate!
  12. Farrrrkkkkkkk thats an excruciating wait for essentially the best of the best bikes, i would be bashing my head against the wall!

    When I bought my first big bike, I couldn't wait the 3 days
  13. Welcome mate, enjoy it here, lots of good stuff and the semi occasional run of into pure mud sling muck which is entertaining!!

    Cheers Jeremy
  14. Thanks Popeye and Jeremy!

    It is a long wait....... :depressed: and I'm getting inpatient but good things come to those who can wait and be patient :D