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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bean07, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. G,day all well lets see i,ve been riding since I was 15,started out with many dirt bikes and small roadies,then at 22 bought my first big bike the CBR750F,then progressed to larger beasts like GPZ1100B1,CBR1000 then bought a new CBR1100xx in 2003 then the 2004 CBR1100xx then in 2010 a new ZX1400,I hit a tray top ute at about 25 kmph shattering my right patella and femurinto 20 bits lol,I should of ended the sport bikes then but I went to Tassie in 2012 and two up hit a wallaby,lucky didn,t come off,then returned to SA to get her repaired only to leave with the 2012ZX1400R ,kept her till May this year,two days after comming back from Tassie again I told my wife I was gunna pay some bills and go to my Kwaka dealer for a kawasaki pen,got a big headache on the way to home as I had to fess up to buying the 2/2014 ZX1400R Ohlins Special Edition,that ended 27th of July as I was aproaching a sharp r/h bend my right femur stiffened up causing my to hit the scrub and a tree! resulting in a broken Left Femur and right fore arm,then 9 days later went to NSW to buy my first Cruiser ever the 2009 VStar 1300, a few $$$ on mods later im just about ready to start riding in 5 weeks from what the Ortho said last week after X rays.O I im married to a stressed out RN nurse (Nadene ) Have only one of my four grown sons still at home. cheers[​IMG][​IMG]

  2. Welcome Bean, A checkered history in your introduction :) I am sure a few of the SA crew will be along soon to greet you in their individual ways.
  3. Gday bean your stream of consciousness intro got my attention so thought I'd say hello and welcome to the forummm but obviously not to riding you've been at it a while and plenty of experiences in different states, I've not ridden in such as Tassie which I've only heard good things about but surprised you needed to make it to NSW to buy a Vstar and although I'm personally not into cruisers I admit it does look nice and good that you were able to put up some pics even as a new member which can be a bit tricky for some reason you have to ask one of the mods about that because I don't know those rules myself, I've been here long enough that I don't have to worry about such things and I get to send PMs if I like but dont do so much because I'm happy for my crap to be public so I guess that's about it for now but I'm sure you'll have fun if you stick around, not that many do because some of us are a bit odd or difficult to get used to or have an unusual sense of humour and some people gets the shits with it and just move on I guess but some are definitely more tolerant and accepting of the breadth of humanity but you get that sometimes.
  4. wot he ^^^ said and welcome :]
  5. Welcome.


    Use it more often
  6. Welcome to NR..
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    Wish I had thought of that, instead of trying something a lot more subtle, but maybe too subtle, I hope not, because its good to have new members sometimes, with such a lot of members that seem to have left, drifted away, some never to be seen again, others popping in only on an occasional basis and then you get a constant stream of new people come in and it can be a bit confronting when the grammar nazis, or the spelling nazis or the @The SS@The SS, or the over moderators start to fling around the 'do this' do that' thing which can be so annoying and really a bit unfriendly, I mean some people just dont like to use sentences in the usual way, they seem to have a different way of writing, maybe a different way of speaking too, who knows, because just because they are a bit different doesn't mean they don't have something useful to say, and, I guess if its just too hard to read, like a big slab of text no one is gonna make you read it, you can just pass on it, depending how you feel, but sometimes I just think that maybe if people really did care about the full stops so much, perhaps they could just add the full stops themselves, but these are probably just pipe dreams that will never really get off the ground, but then again maybe I'm wrong and even just doing a little bit here and there could go a long way to making this just a slightly more friendly, less hostile place for new people, especially people who really do seem to make an effort, and I mean people like bean, here, who has gone to some effort to do a decent intro post and tell us some good and interesting stuff about himself, and probably done a better job than I did, for example with my own intro post, which might have been slightly more readable, but basically as boring as bat shit, if you know what I mean.

    Subtle. Very subtle...
  8. Nice intro @bean07@bean07 . Like your bike history. Welcome to NR !
  9. [​IMG] Thankyou all nice welcome from ya !lets see my first attempt (with bikes) was helping my dad at 14, it was a CZ 250 from memory then he got my first a CB175twin at 15 and no manual to split the box to replace the kickstarter just a first a second year mechanics book on two and four cycle engines lol,then a Bitza I put together out of five bikes, a XL125 Honda,CBX250,175 suzy,KLX250,Suzuki500/4,XT500,CBX750F,GPZ1100,KLE500,CBR1000,CBR1100xx x 2, ZX1400,2 x ZX1400R and the V Star 1300[​IMG]
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