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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kwaka10r, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Found this forum after doing a search on "Police and cameras". Was trying to comment in thread about people using cameras in vehicles.

    I know the rule about trying to solicit votes or likes whatever they are called to post in restricted areas and I am not trying to do that.

    What I do have to contribute is 19 years of experience in a NSW Statutory Authority as an Inspector. I have lots of experience doing, investigations, gathering evidence, prosecution briefs of evidence, rules of evidence, cautioning, reading and (really) understanding legislation, negotiating criminal liability settlements and dealing with defendants solicitors, having your but kicked in court by really good barristers etc. the ones the Crown couldn't afford to engage for prosecution work. Finding flaws in legislation, a bit of an idea what the cops can and can't do. So I want to contribute if I can.

    Especially with the major erosion of democratic rights that is now happening with the seriously flawed bikie legislation (QLD in particular) and the misuse of legislation against its original intentions by authorities and law enforcement officers.

    More importantly one that has affected me personally, the Commonwealth and States capability for enactment of retrospective legislation, which in my view goes against one of the very fundamentals of a democracy.

    I am ready to contribute. Thanks all for looking.
  2. Welcome to NR....
  3. welcome :]
  4. Howdy, welcome aboard.
  5. Welcome.

    Your brief bio will be of interest to many, and I'm sure you will get ample opportunity to provide some legal perspective. Just be prepared to frequent Austlii and do all the legwork pointing out the accompanying legislation only for the inevitable requirement to reiterate your views, even when they might be matter of fact and to field frivolous poorly mounted legal arguments because there are many who won't like what you write and therefore can't accept it, until you and others with experience in the realm of enforcement all sing the same song.

    Yes, the voice of experience...
  6. Thank you all very much.

    Justus you are a lawyer (magistrate/judge)? I am sure there must be some lawyers amongst the members.

    Austlii is a great resource and I use/used it a lot in my work. For NSW legislation I prefer the parliamentary website mainly because of the user friendly browser frames and its freshness. Butterworths is good too because of extra commentary, but it was free at work. I am an O'Farrell redundancy cut through choice, so out of my budget for now.

    I don't hold out hope for all to be singing the same song. There are many different views and motives within a single discipline.

    My main aim is about justice, equality in law, equal and consistent application of the law, democracy by the people for the people. I think we are going through a cycle at the moment that is see a major erosion of this on many fronts.
  7. Will also help if you post about bikes and riding! Welcome.
  8. Welcome to NR.

    Always good to be able to solicit and receive views on laws and legislation as they may or may not apply to motorcyclists
  9. Welcome. I always enjoy reading the arguments, I mean discussions on law matters. Even if I don't understand most of them
  10. Thanks all.

    Justus, know your background now and the struggles you have been through.

    I was able to post on the Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance forum but now it states "(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)" So I am not sure what is going on now.

    I raised an off topic issue about NSW Police obeying the Road Rules in another thread and robsalvv commented that it had been done to death and that there is a road rule that allows the cops to break them. He said to take it elswhere, so I think the above-mentioned forum may be the appropriate one.

    I have a response that will show that the NSW Police are only exempt from the Road Rules under certain circumstances.
  11. The notice that appears near the top of the page when you are viewing the Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance forum should explain it to you.
  12. I'm having trouble posting to some forums. Apparently I need trophy points or something.

    Originally I could post in a restricted forum, 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' but can't any more. Plus my 'New Member' post has been locked so I can't add this post onto that one.

    The top of the page is saying I can upgrade to premium account but it doesn't state if it will allow me to post in the forums I am restricted from posting in. Neither does 'New users welcome' thread in the 'Welcome Lounge and Birthday Greetings' forum.

    Further I can't open the threads relating to 'Insufficient privileges??' or 'Terms And Conditions' in 'Site Discussion and Help' forum.

    I can't find an appropriate forum to post this in. I tried to find the 'Terms and Conditions' but am having trouble.

    Please, can someone help me start posting. It's taken me so much searching and time already trying to work all of this out.
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    Just keep posting or become a premium member.

    Also read Mouth's reply here
  14. Thanks Smee. I didn't want to pay $10 if it was still not going to allow me to post.
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  15. Hay Mr Premium Member, everything working for you now ?
  16. :woot: Yes Mcsenna. You know the old saying, "If all else fails read the instructions". Well that just wasn't working for me, so I asked for help and Smee came to the rescue.

    And it's 'Hey' and not "Hay" as I am not a horse LMAO. I owe you one Mcsenna(y)

    EDIT: Sorry, not the least Smee, IOU too.
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  17. How was I to know you aren't a horse ? We get all sorts of creatures on here, Mr Ed himself made an appearance once so legend has it.
  18. Welcome Kwaka10r.

    Where in Sydney are you from?
  19. Hi GeorgeO. Sydney CBD living currently. Born at Caringbah and family home was in Miranda .