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New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cormanus, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. G'day

    I'm a new member from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. My ride is a 2011 Honda CB1100—a fantastic bike. I'm kind of retired, although I work occasionally. I have been riding in fits and starts for many years and took it up again seriously 3 years ago or so. The CB1100 has been in the stable (alone) since September last year.
  2. Hello and welcome!
    I'm a new rider on the north side of Brisbane and am just starting to get out and about on the Sunshine Coast, heading up your way tomorrow for another attempt at some twisty roads and see if I can take them a little more confidently this time :)
    You're lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Qld!
  3. G'day Ness.

    Thanks for the welcome. There's certainly some great riding to be had up here and you've got a great bike to do it on. Maybe you'll post a photo or two or a bit of a report of your ride?

    Sadly, I won't be out and about tomorrow, but maybe I'll see you on the road some time.

    Last year I won an advanced rider course while on a charity ride and I finally managed to take it this week. Although I've been riding on and off for 40 years, I found it really helpful.

    Ride safely.
  4. Welcome! The big Honda 1100 is one of those 'Swiss Army Knife' machines, isn't it?
  5. Welcome, I'm another fan of the CB1100.
  6. Thanks. I'm really pleased with it.
  7. G'day Paul. Not sure what you mean by 'Swiss Army Knife' machine. The CB1100 has a retro look, harking back to the in-line fours of the 70s. My avatar is a picture of one.
  8. I meant it's a 'you can do anything with it' sort of bike
    kinda like my VFR-750.......
  9. Yep. That's a pretty good way of putting it. You probably sit up a bit more than on the VFR-750, but it's a pretty versatile sort of bike.
  10. Hey, Ness

    Be interested in a report on your ride today when you have a minute. Where did you go? How was it?


  11. Hey! Full trip report coming soon in my newbie thread I just haven't had time yet to write it. I didn't go far into the hinterland, I'm still REALLY green and am taking my time learning new skills. I did the Peachester/Beerwah loop 2 weeks ago with an experienced friend, so re-rode it on Saturday by myself. Had a great day, was out for 4 hours total, my longest day out yet. Wasn't riding the whole 4 hours, and did a fair bit of suburban stuff in there too, but god it felt great! Wasn't the weather PERFECT for riding on Saturday :)

    Now I just need to get myself a bit more "bike fit". Today, 2 days after my last ride, my inner thigh and core back & stomach muscles are reminding me how much I was using them on Saturday :)

    I am going to do the Black Dog ride this year, and am thinking of doing the Sunshine Coast one. Any chance you're doing it?
  12. Welcome Cormanus
    There always seems to be 1 model (at least) the manufacturers get right. Honda hit spot on with the CB. Many moons ago I had a 250 and it was fantastic versatile bike.
  13. Thanks, Turrawan. It's a great bike to ride. The first bike I owned was a Honda CB175 which was also a great bike. I had a lot of fun on it.

    Your GS 1000 looks ok, too—I assume that's it in your avatar.
  14. I hadn't heard about the Black Dog Ride, but there are all sorts of reasons I should do it. I've looked it up and don't see any reason I can't do the Sunshine Coast one. I'll stick the details in my diary and lets check in nearer the time.

    You should certainly plan to have a go at it. You can always pull out if it gets too much—some of these big rides are quite hard work for some reason. I went on one the other weekend and pulled out of the last leg; partly because I was nearer to home than the end would have been and it was getting late, but also because riding with 100 other bikes can be wearing.