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New Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sheriff1969, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Greetings all Netriders!

    I'm new to this forum and wanted to say a big HI from Melbourne.

    Have read some of the other peoples greetings and see that they have their Learners and a bike, I'm not that fortunate just yet!

    My wife purchased for me for my birthday a H.A.R.T Gift Certificate for the 2 day Learner Permit course, can't wait!

    Have already purchased my PPE from Bike Mart in Ringwood, great service!

    Am looking at the Honda VTR250 as my first bike. Love the look of those 'faired' bikes but one must learn to crawl before they walk! Sat on one of those Ducati 659's the other week, loved the feel of it! Might be my second bike one day or a GSXR600 which i also love the look of.

    Cheers Guys!

  2. Welcome bloke ur wife is gold or wants u
    Out the fkn house
  3. Welcome aboard !
    I am stoked with my Gixxer 6ixxer so certainly check em out for once you are off restrictions
  4. Hello and welcome, the HART course is good, I did the single day one. Good luck with the course and test, look forward to seeing you at some rides and Saturday practice.
  5. Welcome to NR, congrats on the great prezzee the missus got you, people on here sell bikes all the time, check the section on here, at least you'll know people have looked after the bike :) and walk before you run, master the 250 first :)
    By the way, when you DO start to ride, the grin wont be swiped with a dozen lemons, you will be stoked!!
  6. Hey Sheriff, don't be afraid of a faired/ sports bike style as a first bike. I'm loving the Across, I'm finding it as easy as it is fun to ride and the riding position is completely natural, even for an old bloke who's not as flexible as he used to be...

  7. Welcome! What a cool wife! hehe.. I'm thinking of doing the same for my hubby for xmas ^-^
  8. Welcome... but lets get the lingo right.. PPE is for work.. We wear "Gear".. and some people will say you should wear all of it all the time no matter what.. (a good idea.. ) others will flame you for suggesting as much..

    Enjoy either way :)
  9. Welcome, Sheriff :)
  10. Welcome to NR a sheriff'll come in handy in these here parts (y)
  11. You sat on a duc 659 and haven't bought it? Everything else will be second best.
  12. Welcome to NR. (y)
  13. Many thanks to everyone who has welcomed me to netrider.net.au.

    I look forward to reading peoples blogs and gaining knowledge in owning/operating and riding a bike.