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New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by slickpmj, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. G'day to all, Slick here , l ride a '96 bandit 1200 and a '84 GPZ 750 (fully rebuilt and tarted up). I've been riding bikes and horses since l could sit on one (35+) years now and l only drive a ute if l have to (no cages). I've been looking at netriders for a while so now l've joined up and hope to be a regular. That's about all for now, stay upright,cheers

  2. Welcome Slick... Nice pair of bikes you got there.
  3. :worthlesspics:
    I'm a big fan of the old GPZs :)

    Welcome to NR.
  4. Yay a fellow bike AND horse rider.

  5. Welcome to NR Slick.
  6. welcome - love the Bandit, had a couple over the years......
  7. Welcome to NR & Good bikes you got there! (y)

    I've always wanted to learn horse riding since I was a kid and I LOVED those westerns.

    Even today when I'm on my bike, I imagine myself to be Clint Eastwood and on a horse, cigar dangling from the mouth, guns n all. :D
  8. Welcome to NR :)