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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LJ62, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all I ride a V-Star 1100 Clasic or I did up untill sunday Morining 13/11/2011 but looking what eles to buy now as I rige 2 up most of the time a bit more grunt would be good My 1100 was pumped up a bit to 63 HP but somt thing a bit biger would be great

  2. 1300 seem to go better, or go to a 6 cylinder??
  3. Hello and welcome LJ. Nice to have you here.
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    So what happened Sun morning? You sold it or....? And welcome.
  5. Hi there Goodie that is what I was looking at was the V-Star 1300 as st want somthing light enough to corner and have a bit of fun on as the 1100 was an awesome bike I had it since new and had done 96000 km and had replaced all the front oan back shock with cusom made ones and it was the best just would of liked a bit more power
  6. thanks mate think I was already a member some years back could not get back in :)
  7. see if you can take a couple for a test ride, you looking at the Rocket? big bastard of a bike from what I hear that they go ok, but to find the 'just right' myou might have to 'window shop' a bit for different models and find the closest that meets your needs..
    I DID have a beemer r1200c for a while, nice n comfy but no balls for a 1200, well plenty of torque, and it looked nice [in my eyes, alot of people hate them]

    you DO have choice what about the M109R suzi? supposed to have grunt and handle!!
  8. Hi Goodie
    Yer been out shoping this morning and came home the proud owner of a Bran new black V-Star 1300 for just the Right Money it was What I payed for the V-Star 1100 8 years ago so some where arond the end of the week I should be in our drive way :)
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    Hi Tone 2
    Wish I had sold it, we left home Sunday morning to go down the south coats to see a couple of old friends 1 I Haven’t seen in 30 years that had just had heart surgery any way we never made it there.
    We left home stope in for fuel and of on our way well sort of about 3 km down the road I saw a sports bike do a u-turn and tear off down the road in the same direction we were going, then about 1 km further on I saw him with a car pulled over on the side of the road he was still on his bike next to the drivers side window, the next thing I knew was he had pulled out with out warning and was right on top of us (Partner is on the back with me) I moved to the right to avoid collision as he was accelerating hard I thought he was going to go straight a head then with out warning or looking he braked hard and did a U-Turn no more than 1.5 m in front of us I was no way expecting him to do that, at that time I quickly looked for a way out and then Crunch I could hear metal bending then all quiet until someone rolled me over on the road and the pain woke me up I think I thought what happened how did I get here the remembered the sports bike oh that’s right, tried to look for my partner but could not move then saw her standing over me seeing if I was aright (thought thank F@#k for that) my right leg would not move and was killing me but could move all my toes so thought that was a good this lady came from no where and put her hand on my chest and said don’t try to get up help was on the way I also thought that was a good thing as I could not move any way. Well ended up I west mead with a badly dislocated right shoulder and badly grassed right elbow and grassed left elbow and left knee badly bruised left thigh mussel and calf mussel and my partner also got a badly bruised left shoulder and hip and stomach :)
  10. Did you find the cockbag sports biker? (Not a generalisation on all sports bikers, just this specific one <= my flame suit :D)
  11. I'd imagine after that he didn't ride away. Shame for both of you. Glad you made it through. New bikes are nice, but, I have to confide, there are easier ways to get them.
  12. yer I took him down with me but he never got hurt nor did his bike or not as much as mine any way as he could ride his home afterwards
  13. Maaaate fark ker nell!!!
    Glad to hear you can walk around un aided after that incident, and glad to hear your partner is ok too.. Aches n pains go away, no who is responsible that little incident and what do th epolice have to say about it?
    As KD said, far better ways to get yourself a new bike, by the way, congrats on the 1300 :) I am certain that you'll love riding that like you did the 1100!
    Hope you're back on the bike sooner rather then later, summer's coming, warm weather helps healing faster :) stay safe!! and post pics of the new toy :)
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  14. yer he did as post above, yer the new ones are nice but I liked my old one as it was not just a stock bike and cost me heaps to get it there IMG_2173.
  15. Sorry - I didn't read it carefully enough. Well that's a low act, that's all I can say.
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  16. that looks nice !! lotts of bling!!
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  17. Yer it did have plenty of Bling but the bling was not the best part as that was just for looks it has 20 hp above standard and 3 grand worth of supention under her was a great bike to ride handled like a dream sad to see her go
  18. Welcome to NR :)

    Were you able to salvage any of the custom bits? or did the insurance company want it all?
  19. most of it is still on the bike but I have got my seets and the Dyna 3000 out of it I would of loved to of been left with it alone for a hour or 2 the bike shop was there with me the whole time and they changed the seet for me :-(